Those in whose hands the Mount of the Moon is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Lunar Subjects.

VI The Signatures Of The Mount Of The Moon 231

I. Physical Peculiarities

The Lunar Subject is of a tall stature and has a round head, broad above the temples, with an insignificant brow and that part of the cranium that surrounds the eyes quite bulging His complexion is of a dead white, with occasionally the addition of a pinkish hue; his flesh is soft, for although the muscles are large they are sponge-like in consistency. He has very fine, supple, blonde hair, not thick, however, and no hair on the body. In his face, quite broad and full, the nose is small and round-tipped. The mouth is small and thick-lipped, as if always pouting; the teeth are large, yellowish, badiy-arranged, and they deteriorate early; the gums are quite in evidence and are usually pale. In the eyes, round large and bulging, the pupils shine with a dull, liquid, gray-bluish tint; the eyelids are large and thick; the blonde eyebrows are joined and poorly marked; the chin is fatf heavy and retreating; the cars are stuck close to the head.

The neck of the Lunar Subject is long, white, fleshy and streaked with many wrinkles; the chest is fleshy, but the tissues are flabby and unhealthy looking. The stomach is quite bulging, while the legs are heavy, thick at the ankles, with large homely feet. The inferior extremities often look swollen, as if waterlogged.

Of course, in such a type, the hands are bound to he fat and quite soft; the fingers are short, smooth and inclined to be pointed. The first phalanx of the thumb is much below average.

At its worst the Lunar type - when it is accompanied by other undesirable indications - if often affected with ill-smelling sweats and disturbed eyesight; the skin is of a livid white and covered with spots. The hands assume, in an extreme form, the above characteristics.

II. Health Peculiarities

The Lunar Subject, being essentially of a lymphatic temperament, has a poor blood and cannot stand hard work or prolonged exertion. He suffers from hallucinations, going sometimes as far as actual insanity, and is constantly anxious about his health. The illnesses he is frcquently troubled with are paralysis, convulsions, epilepsy; also different forms of insanity. He is in danger of drowning and of suffering from kidney, bladder and womb troubles, as well as rheumatism and gout; grave intestinal diseases are peculiar to his type.

III. Mental And Moral Peculiarities

The Lunar Subjects are fickle, unreliable and selfish; they are fond of travel, because they Hire quickly of any permanent home; they are cold, lazy, melancholy, poor lovers and worse husbands. They are more superstitiously than religiously inclined, and their minds, as well as their bodies, are slow and phlegmatic. Yet their imagination is ever at work feeding upon wide-awake dreams; they often have strange forebodings and are certainly more sensitive to nervous impressions than any other type. In art, in literature, they are romantic to a degree; also fond of poetry and music, but of harmony rather than melody. The male Lunar Subjects are generally effeminate in their shape and tastes; the female Lunar Subjects, without being virtuous, are tenderly devoted to those they love, their imagination endowing them with all kinds of fanciful qualities. Sailors belong to the Lunar type, and so do those who love water and all the occupations and recreations connected with it. Like water itself, they are hard to keep to one purpose; they promise but don't keep their word; they are more generous in talk than in action. They eat voraciously; they drink little, but like strong liquor.

Their favorite tints are white and yellow-white.

A worse type of Lunar Subject - revealed by other bad indications in the hand - has all the bad traits above mentioned, increased tenfold. He is thoughtless, foolishly talkative, a liar and a slanderer; often perfidious and profligate, without real physical passion, but just in quest of some novel sensation. He is shamelessly selfish, insolent, a braggard and a coward. Such Lunar Subjects are very much to be avoided and are happily very easily discernible, their gray, watery eyes leaving a most unpleasant impression at the very first meeting.