(9) Constructiveness

[Skilled fingers. quick, inventive. brain.]

Spatulate fingers with little balls inside the first phlanges of each finger. (Phrenology is more satisfactory than Palmistry in the discovery of this aptitude.)

(10) Self-Esteem

[Love or freedom; self respect.]

A prominent Mount of Jupiter; a Mount of Saturn, either prominent or much rayed; a Line of Head quite separate from the Line of Life; long, knotty, very spatulate fingers; enormous thumb; the Mounts of Mars very prominent, as the Mounts of Mars and Saturn combined always mean audacity, great pride and the spirit of revolt.

(11) Approbativeness

[Sensitiveness; love of praise]

A very long first finger, almost as lung as the second finger, pointed and smooth; a developed Mount of Venus; conspicuous Mounts of Mercury and the Sun.

(12) Cautiousness

[Diffidence: hesitation.)

This represents the pure Saturnian type with very long and knotty fingers; the Line of Head is connected for a long space with the Line of Life and is Straight and very long; a very long thumb; a narrow Mount of the Moon; insignificant Mounts of Mars.

(13) Benevolence

A welt developed Mount of Venus but with few rays or cross-rays; a beautiful Mount of Jupiter; a very fine Line of Heart with forks on Jupiter; a long Line of Head drooping slightly towards the Mount of the Moon; the Mounts of Mars and the Moon developed but not rayed; the fingers smooth.

13 Benevolence 1168

(14) Veneration

(Respect of God. virtue and law.]

The fingers very long and smooth, the lips square with large nails; the first finger is quite long but somewhat pointed and without first knot; little or no Mount of Mars; the Mystic Cross in the Quadrangle; the Mount of the Moon is developed but not rayed;a little of the Mount of Saturn indicating a fear of troubles to come after life.

(15) Firmness

A straight Line of Head, sometimes crossing the whole hand; long and square fingers, the inside of the third phalanges rather lean; the thumb long and broad but without excess;well developed Mounts of Mars; the Line of the Sun welt traced; very little Mount of the Moon; a full Mount of Jupiter, not rayed.

(16) Conscientiousness

[Love of fair play: Integrity.]

Fingers very square; the knots are not very visible; the nails are rather short; the Line of Head straight without excess; a strong Mount of Venus and a good Mount of Jupiter, with the Mounts of Mars visible but not rayed, and the Mount of Mercury quite insignificant.

(17) Hope

A much developed Mount of Jupiter; fingers pointed and smooth; a thin Line of Heard drooping towards the Mount of the Moon and ending in a fork; a long Line of Heart; the Mounts of Venus and the Moon quite prominent; slight Mounts of Saturn and Mercury; a short.

pointed thumb, The Line of Head is usually separated from the Line of Life. Often the third finger is almost as long as the second.