A. Alimentiveness

[Hunger: gratification of the taste for good food and drink, ]

The third phalanx of each finger very bulging inside: an exaggerate Mount of Jupiter; smooth and often pointed fingers; a comparatively short but straight Line of Head; a fairly long Line of Heart; a straight and good Line of Liver; a Mount of the Moon very prominent and a thumb short and broad; Mounts of Mars conspicuous, as the Martians are great drinkers,

(I) Amativeness

[Milting Instlnct. life-sustaining faculty constaney]

Represented by the more or less prominent development of the Mount of Venus and by its being more or less rayed and cross-rayed; the Girdle of Venus imperfect, broken and duplicated is indication of immoral habits, or at least immoral tendencies that may never be developed.

(2) Parental Love

Indicated by a large development of the Mount of Mercury toward the Percussion where the children lines are marked; also well formed Mount of Venus without many lines or cross-lines,

(3) Inhabitiveness

[Love (or borne and country.]

More particularly indicated by the absence of any lines of voyage or travel and by the absence of the Line of the Sun; also by a soft hand with fingers that are never spatulate, and above all by short nails, which give a love of ruling one's home. The Mount that will be most prominent will he Jupiter, as the Jupiter-ians are good livers and are fond of giving dinners and parties and of adorning their homes in every possible way.

Phrenology And Palmistry Compared

Phrenology And Palmistry Compared.

(4) Friendship

[Fondness for social intercourse.]

Characterized by developed Mounts of Venus and Jupiter, a good Line of the Sun. a short thumb, square, smooth fingers, a Line of Heart long and forked at the start and a. Line of Head slightly sloping towards the Mount of the Moon, The presence of the Line of the Sun will add to the feeling a poetical tendency and a generous heart.

(5) Combativeness

Both Mounts of Mars fully developed but not rayed; the Mount of the Moon will be smooth, and the nails generally short.

(6) Destructiveness

Represented by the Mounts of Mars and the Moon exaggerate; few lines in the hands; the Line of Heart very deep and red and running like a straight bar from one side of the hand to the other; often a "clubbed" first phalanx of the thumb.

(7) Secretiveness

The Line of Head will be very narrow and straight, cutting the whole hand; the Mount of Mercury fully developed; both knots on all fingers quite pronounced and the fingers long; the Line of Heart thin and short.

(8) Acquisitiveness

[Selfishness: the sense of ownership.]

A very prominent Mount of Mercury; a Line of Head forked at the termination, one prong normal, the other going up to the Mount of Mercury; knotted, spatulate fingers, often crooked; a very red Line of Heart; a good Line of the Sun: a long thumb; often the Saturnian type.