Very deep and often red, and cutting through the Lines of Fate and the Sun as if to obliterate their best characteristics: - The intellect of the subject is gravely impaired by his vicious tendencies and his career will suffer grievously from the same sad cause.

The Girdle Of Venus II Character 721

Very thin, and cut by - not cutting - strong and good Lines of Fate and the Sun - Wit, love and talent for literature, art, etc.; this supposes the hand in general to be a good one.

Hysterical Insanity

A very short thumb. A Line of Head sloping deep into the Mount of the Moon, where it ends in a star. A big cross under that star. Another star on the same Mount connected by a forked line with the Line of Life. Straight and deep Lines of Fate and Liver, the former entering into the second finger. A double girdle of Vemus.

"A young woman suffering from the monomania of persecution visited Desbarrolles. She was wealthy and quite tenacious and sensible in money matters - this being a characteristic of such a Line of Liver - but intensely hysterical and gradually drifting to sheer insanity."

Hysterical Insanity 722Hysterical Insanity 723

Double or Triple - The worst features of the Girdle are increased in the same proportion. Generally the indication of unnatural vices.

Sad Consequences Of Continued Bad Habits

A deep, black dot on the Line of Life at 18 and another at 23 connected by Lines of Influence with a black dot on the Line of Head, from there a very thin line went up into the Mount of Saturn, entering trip]e Girdle of Venus.

"Seen in the hand of a very young man subject to- frequent nervous fits and to increasing melancholia. He had lost all capacity for intellectual work and was constantly thinking of His wretched state of increasing weakness. Urged by Desbarrolles, he finally gave up the sad habits of his early youth, began a long trip on foot through the mountains of Switier-Innd. devoted himself to agricultural pursuits and, within a few years, was again a well man."

III. Termination

Terminating (or rather open at the termination) on the Mount of Mercury; in an otherwise good hand - Unusual - though unhealthy - nervous energy and ardor in every undertaking. Tn a bad hand - The subject will add deceit to lasciviousness of the worst character.

III Termination 724III Termination 725

IV. Breaks

IV Breaks 726

Broken - Sensuality at its worst.

V. Connected With The Main Lines

Cutting the Lines of Fate, the Sun and Liver and seemingly shattering them at the interacting points - Obstacles to success due to an inordinate pursuit of sensual pleasure. (See above reading.) Cutting a prolonged Line of Union -

V Connected With The Main Lines 727V Connected With The Main Lines 728

The hysterical temperament of the subject and his heartless: selfishness is sure to destroy the happines of the one who loves him or her.