Cut by small lines, with the Mount of Venus and the Moon exaggerated - Hysteria of an erotic character. Skepticlsm Struggling Against an Inclination Toward Con-vent Life - High Mount of Jupiter; several vertical lines on the Mount of Saturn; a much chained Line of Heart. Spatulatt fingers, a, first finger as long as the second. A Line of Influence from, a star on the Mount of Venus cut the Line of Life at 20, ending under the Mount of Mercury, forming a large fork, with a sloping Line of Head. A double girdle of Venus.

The Girdle Of Venus VI Signs 729The Girdle Of Venus VI Signs 730

"A young woman of 23. when she consulted Desbarrollcs, suffered from intense hysterical excitement, due originally to a great sorrow from the death of a loved one, when she was 20. She had devoted herself to exaggerate religious practices, but her mind, which was quite intellectual and philosophically inclined. was constantly raising objections against the belief she tried to attach herself to. She was constantly hesitating between convent life and an impulse to throw aside all religious ideas." Faintly marked in an otherwise good hand, but cut by a deep bar upon the Mount of the Sun - Reverses due to women, In a bad hand - Loss of fortune due to extreme profligacy.

The Girdle Of Venus VI Signs 731The Girdle Of Venus VI Signs 732

A star on the Girdle - especially if it is double ortreble - Agravevenereal disease from which the subject will never recover.

No person with such a sign in the hand ought ever to think of marrying.

Position In Life Ruined By A Woman

A Lunar and Mercurian type; a large Mount. of Venus. A dot at the beginning of the Line of Life. A very long Line of Heart, from which starts under the Mount of Saturn a Line of Head drooping almost straight down the Triangle. A_star on a strongly marlted Girdle of Venuis. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus ending on the Mount of Mercury, cut ay a Line of Union, itself marked with a deep dot. Two other Lines of Influence starting from stars on the Mount of Venus and ending after cutting the Line of Head. A second Line of Union also dotted and from Which starts a children line, also dotted.

"A painter, voluptuous, ill-balanced nature, had had his career practically ruined by an early love; the woman had died; she was of the Mercurian type, greedy and deceitful. Another woman he had loved had died. He had had a child from her, who had died."

Position In Life Ruined By A Woman 733

A Modern Sappao

A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cuts an upward branch of the Line of Life at 24 and ends in a star on the Line of Head under the Mount of the Sun. From that star rises a long island that ends in a star, on the Mount of the Sun, connecting with the end of a quadruple Girdle of Venus.

"A lady had divorced from her husband, receiving from him a large sum of money this fortune had been squandered upon a lady friend, who had obtained the most detestable influence upon the subject, to the point of rendering her almost irresponsible and more than half demented,"

A Modern Sappao 734