1. Position


It occupies the space between the Line of Head and the Line of Heart, both being normal, and between the Mount of Jupiter and the Upper Mount of Mars, neither of these Mounts included.

Well formed, smooth and free from lines - A calm, steady, loyal disposition.

By "lines" I mean a number of these tiny wrinkles, the presence of which is always the indication of an ultra-nervous and worrying nature.

1 Position 931

Well formed and wider toward the Percussion - Straight forwardness.

In a normally lined hand the Line of Heart rises and the Line of_ Head droops - both slightly - when they reach the Mount of the Sun.

1 Position 932

Too wide throughout - Independent disposition, even to folly; a very serious indication which no other favorable observation in the hand is sufficient to counterbalance.

This supposes a Line of Heart running too high (extreme jealously and sensuality) and a Line of Head running too low (ill-balanced reasoning power).

Wider tinder the Mount of Saturn than tinder the Mount of the Sun - The subject is careless about his reputation.

1 Position 933

You will find just the opposite shape in every normally lined hand. Here the Mount of the Sun is taken in its meaning of "revealer of good or bad fame" in store for the subject.

1 Position 934

Wider under the Mount of the Sun than under the Mount of Saturn - Exaggerate sensitiveness about other people's opinions.

This, of course, supposes that the width is decidedly abnormal. By being placed more closely under the influence of the Mount of Saturn, the subject will be more morbidly inclined than it is desirable he should be.

1 Position 935

Narrow on account of the Line of Head rising; toward the Line of Heart - Narrowmindedness. The feelings dominate over reason and often cloud it.

1 Position 936

Narrow through the lowering of the Line of Heart toward the Line of Head - Meanness; no generosity. The head rules over the feelings.

Badly traced, almost invisible at its normal extremities - A weak or at least a very ordinary intellect, and a malignant or at least a very cold disposition.

This can occur only-when the Lines of Head and Heart are very poorly traced - in itself an indication of a weak constitution, and, as a rule, with a wretched health goes a wretched temper.