A. By Itself

Bulging and well shaped - Fecundity. Love of money for the sake of spending it generously.

Flat, i. e., level with the Mounts - Saving disposition.

Hollow - Miserly disposition.

Hard - Plenty of animal spirits.

Soft - Laziness; physical weakness.

B. In Connection With Other Indications

B In Connection With Other Indications 937

Wide, with a good Line of Head and a well-formed second phalanx of the thumb - Broadmindedness.

Reasoning is here at its best; and truly intelligent people can understand and appreciate almost anything.

B In Connection With Other Indications 938

Narrow and with a poor Line of Liver - Asthma, Hay-fever.

The indication of some painful oppression; the character of these troubles is, as yet, imperfectly accounted for by medical experts.

Narrow, with fingers bending inside the palm - Stiffness in all intercourse with one's fellow creatures; miserly disposition.

B In Connection With Other Indications 939

Narrow in its center, with the third phalanx of the fourth finger relatively long - Deceit. Also mind easily prejudiced.

Then, the narrowness would occur under the Mount of the Sun, reducing to a certain extent the intellectual brightness of the subject.

Narrow, with an excessive Mount of Jupiter - Extreme religious ideas; asceticism.

Again, narrowmindedness has here full sway. One would expect such a Quadrangle in the hands of blind fanatics.

B In Connection With Other Indications 940

Very narrow in both bawls, with an exaggerate or badly lined Mount of Mercury - Lying instincts.

Narrow, with exaggerate Mounts of Mars and Mercury - Unfairness. Another consequence of narrowmindedness.

Narrow and formed by red lines, with a short Line of Heart and the Mounts of Mars exaggerate- - Cruelty.

These two chief Lines of a red color are always evidence of a violent disposition; the Mounts Strongly confirm such a reading, and the shortness of the Line of Heart is a token of a lack of kindly feelings.

III. Signs

Furrowed by many lines in a large hand, with a long palm and short, smooth fingers - Weak understanding, often through physical weakness of the brain; hence restlessness; irritability.

III Signs 941

These short fingers, in a hand not otherwise well endowed, are characteristic of a lack of judgment; the fluid rushes through too quick to be of any great use; and no knots to stop it on its way, giving the subject time to reason out the situations.

III Signs 942

A line from inside the Quardrangle to the Mount of the Sun - Success the protection of the ureal.

A forked line inside the Quadrangle - An ill-balanced mind, altogether acting inopportunely.

The Quadrangle

Red dots

Red dots, - Murder or serious wound.

The general character of the Hand will tell whether the subject is to be the guilty party or the victim.

White Pots - General weakening of the system.

The Quadrangle 944

A cross in the Quadrangle touching the Line of Heart - Infhience of the opposite sex on the subject. Will he favorable if the cross does not touch either the Line of Fate or the Line of the Sun.

A cross in the Quadrangle touching the line of Head - The subject will exert m the matters of love or friendship more influence on the other person than the said person will exert on him. The influence will be for good if the cross does not extend to either the Line of Fate or the Line of the Sun.

The Quadrangle 945The Quadrangle 946

A finely shaped St. Andrew's cross in the Quadrangle beneath the Mount of Saturn, touching no main Line and with a clear, correct Line of Intuition - Aptitude for occult sciences. This is the "Mystic Cross."

This cross must be absolutely distinct and independent from any main line or branch of main lines. It must be a beautifully designed marking all by itself. Hence it is extremely rare, although many insignificant crosses ate mistaken for it.

The Quadrangle 947

A cross in the Quadrangle under the Mount of Saturn and touching the Line of Fate - Fortunate life due to religion; found in the hands of great prelates and church dignitaries.

I always consider this as a sort of minor Mystic Cross.

The Quadrangle 948

A poorly formed cross in the Quadrangle under the Mount of Saturn; if found in both hands - An unfavorable indication; drives to excess any unhealthy disposition shown by the Mount most prominent in the hand. If it is the Mount of Jupiter - Extravagant ambition. If it is the Mount of Saturn - Morbid disposition. If it is the Mount of the Sun - Excessive vanity and avarice. If it is the Mount of Mercury - Deceiving and even thieving instincts. If it is the Mount of the Moon - Coming Insanity. If it is the Upper Mount of Mars - Fearfully violent temper. If it is the Mount of Venus - Lasciviousness to to point of mania,If it is the Lower Mount of Mars - Cowardice.

A star under the Mount of Saturn -Brilliant career; under the Mount of the Sun - Great fame in art or literature or large wealth; under the Mount of Mercury - Great reputation as a scientist, an engineer; also renown as an eloquent man or success as a business man. A well-formed star (with other signs, which sec) - A good and true subject at the mercy of a dearly-loved person of the other sex.

The Quadrangle 949The Quadrangle 950

This is a sign I have frequently observed and found to be located generally between the Line of Life and the Line of Fate. It is often accompanied by a broken Line of Heart.

The Quadrangle 951

A Triangle - Aptitude for the study of the deepest sciences.

The Quadrangle 952

A square - Extremely quick temper, but a kind heart, if the Quadrangle is normally shaped.

If it touches one of the Main Lines. this square is to be read as a protection against the imperfection of that particular line.

The Quadrangle 953

Ac'ircle- - Eye troubles.

The Quadrangle 954

Three circles joined together under the Mount of Saturn - Epilepsy, A Grille.

Raving madness (with other indications), I should expect in this case a very wide Quadrangle. and very exaggerate Mounts of Mars.

The Quadrangle 955

Should the Line of Heart run too high through the Mounts, or the Line of Head slope down, or rise in a curve out of its normal position, the student must at once reconstitute in. his mind's eye, the Quadrangle as it ought to be, and read accordingly the various indications - such as signs, etc., therein contained.

The Quadrangle 956The Quadrangle 957

Total absence 'if a Quadrangle; if it is due to the non-existence of a Line of Heart - cold, hard nature; or, in a good hand - Poor action of the Heart.