After devoting much space to the Signatures of the Mounts and minutely describing - with Desbarrolles - the complete type represented by each predominating Mount - supposing that particular mount to be indisputably above all the other Mounts - it is quite essential that I should say a few words of those types in which two Mounts seem to be about equal in importance and power, This, of course, will be much more frequent than the absolute supremacy of but one Mount, and therefore a clear table of these 28 possible combinations is sure to be very much in demand, and in constant, profitable use.

Here, however, I have left out the physical characteristics upon which I insisted in my Signatures of the Mounts; the Master has taken the trouble of presenting in his earlier book a list of those compound types, and it has never been translated, to my knowledge at least. But although this work of mine be large and comprehensive, it cannot include everything, and. so I have had to limit myself to a brief interpretation of good and bad bauds possessiong two Mounts equally prominent and overshadowing the others in importance. Of course, by this time, the reader knows what I mean by a good hand and a bad hand. By these words I refer to the other characteristics, either favorable or unfavorable, revealed in the hands under examination.

1. Jupiter and Saturn - Excellent luck ahead. Bad - Tendency to suicide.

2. Jupiter and the Sun - Fame and fortune, Bad - Insufferable conceit.

3. Jupiter and Mercury - Love and success in science and business. Bad -A deceiver and thief through love of show.

4. Jupiter and Upper Mars - Bravery; success as a commander. Bad - A cruel despot.

5 Jupiter and the Moon - Imagination governed by sober pride. Bad - The monomania of titles, honors, etc.

6. Jupiter and Venus - Pure, respectable and respected love. Bad - Virtue succumbing to the temptations of vanity.

7. Jupiter and Lower Mars - Resignation at its best. Bad - Cowardice when threatened with loss of position.

8. Saturn and the Sun - High art tinted with sadness. Bad - Brain power affected by morbidness.

9. Saturn and Mercury - Love of science and occultism. Bad - Cheating instincts.

10. Saturn and Upper Mars - Choleric, combative temper. Worse - Cynicism, slow cruelty.

11. Saturn and the Moon - Rernark-able gift for the study of occult sciences. Bad - Tendency to suicide through morbidness.

12. Saturn and Venus- - Self-possession, quiet kindness. Bad - Intense jealousy.

13. Saturn and Lower Mars - Resignation due more to discouragement than any other feeling.

14. The Sun and Mercury - Perspicacity; brilliant eloquence; original business plans. Bad - Dangerously attractive scheming.

15. The Sun and Upper Man - A love for shining in war; the great society leader's characteristic. Bad - Desire to shine at all risks.

16. The Sun and the Moon - Imagination at its best. Bad - Imagination leading healthy art astray.

17. The Sun and Venus - Love for, or by, a. great artist, writer, etc. Bad - Fawning famous people.

18. The Sun and Lower Mars - Cheerful resignation. Bad - Affected resignation for show only.

19. Mercury and Upper Mars - Scientific warrior. Bad - Selling one's sword for profit.

20. Mercury and the Moon - An inventor's genius. Bad - Constantly conceiving rascally ways of making money.

21. Mercury and Venus - Sensible combination of love and prudence. Bad - The bartering of one's person, in marriage or otherwise.

22. Mercury and Lower Mars - Per-severance in one's plans in spite of hardships. Bad - Obstinacy in wrongdoing.

23. Upper Mars and the Moon - Crusaders, explorers in dangerous countries. Bad - Reckless military adventurers, cruel and revengeful.

24. Upper Mars and Venus - The typical soldier. Bad - The brutal conqueror in war or love.

25. Upper Mars and Lower Mars - A perfect combination of pluck and passive courage. Bad - Most violent temper.

26. The Moon and Venus - Ideal love. Bad - Lewd imaginings.

27. The Moon and Lower Mars - Suffering patiently for one's ideal. Bad - Sticking through thick and thin to one's foolish conceits.

28. Venus and Lower Mars - The patience of the unrequited lover. Bad - The persecutor of one's sweetheart or spouse.