Based upon the system of the ancient Cbiromants, as explained, developed and vastly improved upon by Admen Adolphb Desbarrolles, a famous French painter and scientist, born in Paris, August 23, 1801, died there February 11, 1886. After obtaining marked recognition in the Paris Salons, be traveled extensively in Germany, Italy and Spain, and finally chose as his life work the rehabilitation of Chiromancy, at the time a most degenerate science. After fifteen years' close study, he published, in 1859, the first edition of Les Mystèrcs de la Main (22d edition, 1895); in 1865, his Almanac de la Main; in 1869, his Journal de Chiromancie, and, in 1879, bis Révélations Completes, the largest book on the subject ever attempted. He added to these monuments of his indefatigable labor Les Mystères de l'Eeriture, the standard work on Graphology. For forty-four years, his whole time, attention and labor were devoted to Palmistry tinder its most varied aspects.