The Map of the Hand, and the description that accompanies it, have already furnished the reader with a preliminary knowledge of the position of each of the fourteen Main Lines, which I shall group now in their logical sequence, as follows, giving each of them but one name, the appellation which it will keep all through this work. I. The Line of Life.

The Line of Mars.

The 3 Bracelets of the Rascette. II. The Line of Liver.

The Via Lasciva.

The Line of Intuition.

III. The Line of Head.

IV. The Line of Heart.

The Girdle of Venus. The Lines of Union. V. The Line of Fate.

VI. The Line of the Sun.

I put forward only Six Chief Lines, out of the Fourteen Main Lines; I do not even give way to a desire to have the number seven play a part in this series of lessons. We must keep out of, and above all these ancient superstitions, respectable and highly interesting to the antiquarian though they may he. I want to obtain for you and for me the very limpidity of truth, and no such trifles must stand in our way.

Now the above classification explains itself. Division one, headed Line of Life, includes the Minor Main Lines upon which we read many details concerning the longevity and general health of the subject. They are, in fact, so closely related to each other that a perfect Line of Mars, or an excellent Rascette of 3 bracelets have, many a time, been known to entirely make up the worst deficiencies of a short, broken or chained Line of Life, Division Two is, in truth, a subdivision of Division One, as it includes the Line of Liver, the presence of which, in a perfect shape, and not touching the Line of Life, also gives assurance of a green old age and of a life of fine health. The Via Lasciva and the Line of Intuition, I consider, as you will see later on, as simple modifications of the Line of Liver, often sister lines to it, and endowed with very similar meanings.

Division Three, headed Line of Heart, includes the Girdle of Venus, generally interpreted as a sign of vicious tendencies, and the Lines of Union, considered as the markings of serious love affairs, often legalized love affairs,. e., Marriages. Here again we have a very simple and natural combination.