Cut by a line from the base of the fourth finger - Opposition to the Union.

VII Signs 753

Upright lines coming down from the base of the fourth finger and touching (not cutting) the Line - Children; as many such lines as many children. Boys' lines are straight; girls' lines are leaning, Delicate (or dead) children, lines are very faint. Found also in the father's hand and even in the hands of people who are intensely fond of children not their own.

VII Signs 754

I always endeavor to find those children lines among a number of faint downward lines often found in that vicinity and very accurately read as chattering habits. Miscarriages, in the latter period of pregnancy, leave the same markings in women's hands. Often you will find marked a different number of children lines in each hand. I have found sometimes that you could arid the two numbers and the total gave the total of children (this is the case in Queen Victoria's hands). Otherwise and more generally I take the smaller number.

VII Signs 755

A black spot on the Line - Widowhood, or widowerhood.

VII Signs 756

An island on a children line- - Delicacy of the child's health. If found at the termination of that children line - Death of the child.

A blark spot or a star would supply the same reading. Of course all these indications are so minute that it is seldom that they are found available.

Cruel Death of a Child__Upon a Ling of Union descends a child tine with a deep dot and a bar across before it touches the Line of Union.

"'The child of a- lady friend of Desbarrolles had died a violent death. The above signs were found in the mother's hand."

VII Signs 757VII Signs 758

Drooping toward the Line of Heart, with across where the drooping begins - The person to whom the subject is united will die suddenly.

VII Signs 759

An island on the Line - Quarreling (or guilty intrigue).

VII Signs 760

Full of little islands or downward branches - The subject not to marry.

This I repeatedly found correct. It indicates great dissipation resulting in impotency.

VII Signs 761

An island at the termination of the Line with another island at the base of the second phalanx of the thumb - A union between near relatives.

Here again the island indicates the guilty nature of the affections.

Special Observation

A clear, strong line, accompanied closely by a minute Parallel line - The subject must have continued loving someone else since the anion took place; in other words, an older attachment still survives.

Special Observation 762

I found quite often - especially En France, where such situations are very frequent - this minute parallel line to mean the influence of a parent over one of the united parties, overshadowing the new affection; I called it on that account, only half in jest, the mother-in-law line.