IV. Branches

An upward branch touching the Mount of the Sun - A brilliant Union.

IV Branches 745IV Branches 746

A downward branch cutting the Line of the Sun - A mesalliance.

Well traced but with capillary lines drooping from the Line to the Line of Heart - Troubles caused by the illness of the person with whom the subject is united.

I met this frequently in women's hands when the bread-winner of the family, having been ill for a long time, the circumstances of the wife had become much straitened..

V. Breaks

V Breaks 747

Broken - Separation or divorce.

Broken, but the two fragments overlaying each other - Separation followed by reunion; sometimes a second marriage between the same parties.

I observed this last reading in the hands of several people whose existence, very well known to me, confirmed this, interpretation.

A Wife Leading Her Husband And Foiling Him For Evil Purposes

A large number of worry lines crossing the hand in all directions and all very deep and red; high Mounts of Mars and a long Line of Head slightly sloping; a short thumb, and at about jo the Line of Life threw up a branch, which was crossed by a Line of Influence, ending under the Mount of Mercury and thus forming a kind of fork, with the Line of Head. On the Line of Fate was found a large island, between 25 and 29; a Girdle of Venus in both hands; one Line of Union, which stretcined through the hand and tip to the Mount of Saturn, and there was met by the top of another island on the Line of Fate. The Line of Heart was chained.

A Wife Leading Her Husband And Foiling Him For Evi 748

"Seen in the hand of a lady with a most nervous disposition, but with exceptional energy, these facts being demonstrated by the deep worry lines and the long Line of Head At 29 she had a serious quarrel with her husband, probably on account of an intrigue indicated by the first island, The long Line of Union prolonged so far always indicates that the subject will obey his or her passion to any extent. The lady was also affected palpitations of the heart, and the cross on the lower Mount of the Moon proved to be an indication of over-excited imagination and also of kidney troubles."

VI. Connected With Other Lines

Through Minor Lines.

A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cutting the Lines of Life, Head, Heart and Marriage - Troubles connected with marriage, generally due to the interference of relatives.

VI Connected With Other Lines 749VI Connected With Other Lines 750

A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cutting a small upward branch of the Line of Life and merging into (or cutting) a Line of Union - Legal separation.

Seduction By Married Man Causes Separation And Long Poverty. Finally Prosperity

A star on a Line of Union connected with the Mount of Venus by a Line of Influence cut-tine an upward branch of the Line of Life at 25; islanded immediately afterward. A star on the upper Mount of Mars, from which a Line of Influence merged into a fine Line of the Sun. "A young English girl had been led astray by a married man. At 25 a separation between them had taken place, causing great trouble and sorrow to the subject. The man was a mixture of Martian and Mercurian type, a brilliant officer but a schemer and deceiver."

Seduction By Married Man Causes Separation And Lon 751Seduction By Married Man Causes Separation And Lon 752

A Line of Influence from inside the Triangle cutting the Lines of Fate. Head and Heart and terminating after cutting a forked Line of Union - Divorce.

Whenever these Lines of Influence are islanded on the way, the trouble or divorce has a guilty intrigue (generally of the subject) as its real cause.