Guilty Intrigue. Death Of The Husband

A Line of Head ex-tending across the whole hand and separated from the Line of Life; a straight Line of Fate; a wavy Line of Heart; a double Girdle of Venus; two Lines of Union, the upper one starred; the Mounts of Venus and the lower Moon much rayed; a Line of Influence starting from a star on the Mount of Venn and ending in a star on the Line of Fate; a small line from the Line of Head before it reaches the Line of Fate ends on the Line of Fate in the middle of the Quadrangle; from there starts downward a line ending in a star in the middle of the Mount of the Moon. There is a child line starting from the Line of Heart instead of the Line of Union just before the end of either Line of Union.

Additional Cases Guilty Intrigue Death Of The Husb 763

"A lady had a guilty intrigue, which caused the death by insanity of her husband. The lady, who was of an ultra nervous disposition, had a child from her lover out of wedlock. Later she married him, but finally ended in hysteric insanity."

Influence Of An Island On The Line Of The Sun

.V good Line of Life, a fair Line of Head attached to the Line of Life, and a Line of Heart crossing the whole hand, leaving a very wide quadrangle. An Influence Line from the Mount of Venus Cuts an upward branch of the Line of Life at 32 and connects on the Line of Head with the beginning of a large island on the Line of the Sun, extending clear through the quadrangle. The Line of the Sun extends, very fine up to the top of the Mount.

Influence Of An Island On The Line Of The Sun 764

"A young woman came to consult Desbar-rulks on a very important event. He predicted a separation to come off very soon, and in fact the lady was separated from a lover with whom she had lived several years; the gentleman had decided to marry someone else; but after the marriage had been performed he renewed his intercourse with his former sweetheart and settled a fortune upon her, which she preserved after the affair was over." The Subject Had a Guilty Intrigue. Loss of a Law Suit- After That Prosperity Re-turns to the Subject, Whose Financial Affairs Had Seen Much Harmed by the Scandal- - The third finger almost equal to the second. The Line of Head widely separated from, the Line of Life and forked at the end. A downward branch of the Line of Heart cut the Line of the Sun and reached the Line of head at its connection with the Line of Fate,of terminating in a -star. A deep Girdle of Venus cut into the Lines of Fate and the Sun on the Mounts, A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cut an upward branch of the Line of Life and crossing the island ended after crossing the Line of the Sun.

Influence Of An Island On The Line Of The Sun 765

"A gentleman was partner in a firm whose head dragged it into a ruinous lawsuit through wild speculation. The partnership had been concocted by the wife of the speculating partner, who had an illicit attachment for the subject. The latter was thus financially ruined through his overwhelming love for that woman. The continuation in fine shape of the Lines of Fate and the Sun prognosticated a better future"