There are only two points I want to make clear to the student before beginning my readings of this Line. The first refers to its name, which is, in one respect, most unsatisfactory to me. since It seems to imply, to too great an extent. the existence of fatality as a ruling power over man's destiny. Now, the very basis of the system which I teach in these pages, in accordance with the great Masters at whose feet I humbly sat - in spirit at least - is that, within certain bounds which I do not pretend to delimit, freedom of action is left, or rather given, to man to mold his life as he sees fit. One of the essential differences between Palmistry and the various forms of fortune-telling - and I mean those forms that are not necessarily fradulent but have some sort of scientific foundation - consists therefore in this principle that hands reveal our tendencies, their working over us in the past, and their probable, logical consequences in the future, but that they also indicate whether or not we are endowed with such an amount of will-power as will help us conquer our weaknesses, physical, mental and moral, and save us from the worst possibilities delineated in our hands, Fatality ceases therefore to have any meaning in connection with Palmistic readings, and, I repeat it, the words Line of Fate are not to be understood as referring to it in the least.

Fate stands here for Career. Life-work. the Succession of Happenings, fortunate or otherwise, that form the running thread of our existence. On that Use, therefore, we expect to find such nuftcations as will give us a fairly correct idea. of all that is in store for us - health matters not included, if they are not to inter fere with our occupations, ambitions, etc. Over some of these events we may have but little, if any control: but, as I rule, we shall soon discover by what means we may - if we care to - influence for the better the destiny thus outlined. So that, after all, the Line of Fate, in spite of its name, is the one marking in the hand that illustrates best the essential doctrine of free will.

The second statement that ought to find its place here relates to the connection existing between the Line of Fate and the Line of the Sun. I consider them, in a great many respects, as equivalents and sister lines, as truly associated together as the Line of Mars is with, the Line of Life. I wish the student to bear this in mind when perusing this chapter and the next, and to remember that Desbarrolles places the two lines on such an even level that he bases upon the existence, direction, etc., of cither - when alone - the exact readings he would ascribe to the other, I now proceed with my examination of

I. Position And Direction

Running straight to the Mount of Saturn, into which it penetrates deeply - A life of exceptional good luck.

I Position And Direction 766I Position And Direction 767

Running straight to the Mount of the Sun - Celebrity in fine art or literature.

I Position And Direction 768

Straight to the Mount of Mercury - Great success in business.

Running straight to the Mount of Sat-urn and then curving toward the Mount of Jupiter, which it penetrates - Very extraordinary success in life; sometimes limited to a brilliant union.

I Position And Direction 769