A. By Itself. I. Length-Absent - Insignificant, Eventless Life

Remember that the presence of a Line of the Sun should induce the student to read on that Line the life events of the Straight and good, but only from the Line of Heart upwards - Good fortune in old age, generally due to success in science, or agriculture, i. e.. some occupation that has no element of speculation or risk in it.

A By Itself I Length Absent Insignificant Eventles 770

The influence of the Mount of Saturn is more visible in that portion of the Line, although we must bear in mind that it is exerted over the whole stretch of the Line of Fate.

2, Color; Width: Depth

Of a deep red color, cutting through the Mount of Saturn, and rising deep into the third phalanx of the second finger - Dishonorable death, or, at least, prison. A still more threatening indication if there is added a star on the first phalanx of the second finger.

2 Color Width Depth 7712 Color Width Depth 7722 Color Width Depth 773

Unusually deep - Perseverance in an occupation not to the taste of the subject. Extreme nervous anxiety all through life. A strain of the will-power that often results in paralysis.

3. Malformations

Chained or formed in crosses or zigzag at the start - Difficult childhood often due to losses of money or position of the subject's parents.

3 Malformations 774

Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun ruling over an exaggerate Mount of the Sun, The beginning of a fine Line of Fate was cut up by a series of crosses.

3 Malformations 775

"A famous actor of the Theatre Francais had had many troubles with his family, who would not allow him to adopt the stage as a profession. Left without money, he had been ill (at 18) from the privations he had to endure. His brilliant career was due to his telligence mastering his excess of imagina- Chained when it crosses the Line of Heart - Troubles in love.

3 Malformations 776

Poorly traced as it approaches the center of the hand - Troubles in middle life.

3 Malformations 777

Remember that, in a normally shaped and lined hand, the Line of Fate crosses the Line of Head at 35 years old. (See pp. 150-5I.)

3 Malformations 778

Wavy - A quarrelsome, changeable disposition; a very much checkered existence due to insufficient steadiness of purpose On the part of the subject.

B. In Connection With Other Indications

B In Connection With Other Indications 779

Wavy or chained or both, with a second line clinging to it (not a sister line, as such a line must not in any case touch the line it accompanies) - Unhappiness. generally due to the subject's unfortunate or hesitating way of ruling his life.

B In Connection With Other Indications 780

Deep and irregular, in a much rayed hand - Constant irritability; ultra-nervous disposition; the subject will be vexed at trifles, and his career will suffer much from this uneven temper.