The Palm Proper extends only from the base of the Mounts to the third angle of the Triangle, and from the Line of Life to a normally placed Line of Liver, not including any Mounts. It is also called the Plain of Mars, and includes both the Quadrangle and the Triangle.

A. Flat but high [i. e., on a level with the Mounts under the fingers) - Great, sometimes indomitable, pride; egotism; often violent nature,

B. Flat but low - Timidity; insignificance of life and aims; sometimes cowardice.

C. Hollow - Moderately so. it has no special meaning and does not interfere: with the other indications,

D. Very hollow:

(l). More so toward the Line of Life - Domestic troubles.

(2). More so toward the Line of Head - Brain trouble or apoplexy.

(3). More so toward the Line of Heart - Disappointment in love; heart weakness.

(4). Mote SO toward the Mount of the-Moon - Nervous or interral tronbles

(5). In General - Failure in life. Loss of money.

Be careful to distinguish between a really hollow palm and a normally shaped palm appearing hollow solely on account of the neighboring high Mounts; in this case the hollow has no importance, and the reading must bear upon the development of the Mounts.