The Thickness of the Hand and its Consistency Combined are to be judged by pressing the center of the hand with the Index on the Back and the Thumb inside. The roughness or softness of the skin must not enter into consideration.

A. Thick and very hard - Instincts verging on brute animality,

B. Thick and hard - A priruitive rather rough nature, but with strong, good points and native honesty.

C. Thick and medium hard - A good worker who cares for little else; kindly but not amorous nature.

D. Thick and medium soft - Capac-ity for enjoying all pleasures without (ailing into any excesses.

E. Thick and soft - Self-indulgence and laziness; danger ahead; is a sign also of a very bright imagination; desirable in artists, poets, musicians, etc.; dangerous in the commonplace hands.

F. Thick and very soft, "flabby" - Sensual instincts, hatred of any kind of labor; selfishness without restraint.

G. Thin and very hard - Cold, heartless, calculating disposition, even to crime.

H. Thin and hard - Selfishness, prance, narrow-mindedness.

I. Thin, narrow and meager - Feeble temperament; indecision of character; cold imagination, if any,

J. Thin and soft - Weak constitution yielding to physical temptation.

K, Thin and very soft - Vicious disposition; often morbid tendencies; in an Otherwise very good hand: gift of intuition,

L. Transparent - The palm of seers and Mints; and, in a bad hand, the palm that goes with an utterly diseased imagination.

V. The Palm.

The Palm, distinct from the Fingers, extends from the root of the fingers to the first bracelet of the Rascette, and from the root of the Thumb (base of second phalanx) to the Percussion.

Palm. 1. Size And Shape

Narrow palm - Lack of imagination, of pluck and cheerfulness, on account of the small space allowed for the development of the three mounts along the Percussion - Mercury, Mars and the Moon. (See chapter on the Mounts of the Hand.)

Wide palm, if in good proportion with the size and character of the fingers - Strong health and evenly balanced temper.

Too wide; in that case it is generally thick- - The exaggeration of the Mounts of the Moon, Mars and Mercury will result in a vicious imagination, a violent temper and deceiving instincts. (See chapter on the Mounts of the Hand.)

A square palm: met generally with spatulate fingers - Great love of activity, mostly of a physical nature.

2. Color And Character Of The Skin

Very pale - Selfish disposition; an-śmia.

Yellow - Morbid disposition; biliousness

Pink and mottled - Hopeful, cheerful disposition; well balanced constitution.

Red - Quick temper; superabundance of blood.

Very red- - Violent temper; danger of apoplexy.

These colors are not easily discerned in the hands of people actually working with their hands; the above indications apply therefore more usually to without occupations, or whose occupations are mental rather than manual.

Extra smooth skin of the called "satin skin" - Tendency to rheumatism and gout.

Dry skin - Tendency to fever; perspiration being insufficient may also cause skin diseases.

Damp skin, especially if the sweat is cold and clammy - Very serious liver trouble: often ill-balanced moral nature.