I. Position And Direction


Starting from the lower part of the Mount of the Moon near the Percussion.

I Position And Direction 491

and coming up in a more or less accentuated curve to the Mount of Mercury, where it terminates also near the Percussion - A peculiar tendency to presentiments. A strong aptitude toward the occult sciences.

If found in the Left Hand only - The aptitude for occult sciences is there, inherited, but not cultivated.

II. Character

In Combination with other Indications.

Clear, and with a cross in the Quadrangle beneath the Mount of Saturn - Very unusual aptitude for the occult sciences, amounting almost to inspiration.

II Character 492

This is the large, fine St. Andrew's cross called the Mystic Cross.

Clear, and with a high Mount of the Moon, more pronounced in its upper part - Mesmeric, hypnotizing power.

III. Starttng Point

The higher up on the Mount of the Moon is the starting point of the line, the more the subject will have his intuitive faculty under control,

IV. Termination

Terminating on the Upper Mount of Mars - Hypnotizing power of remarkable intensity.

The energy of the Upper Mount of Mars has here full sway and increases ten-fold the peculiar gift of the subject, as far as influencing others is concerned.

V. Branches

V Branches 493

Short, wavy and branched, with the Mount of Mars exaggerated - A restless disposition, the result of ultra-nervousness. The subject will be extremely difficult to please.

VI. Breaks

Broken repeatedly - The intuitive tendency comes by fits and starts and cannot be relied upon.

VI Breaks 494

VII. Connected With The Main Lines

A. Directly

Forming a triangle with the Line of Fate and the Line of Head - Strong aptitude for occult sciences.

A Directly 495

This is a form of the Minor Triangle (which find described farther).

B. By Minor Lines

Found in both hands and crossed by

Influence Lines from the Line of Life -

The subject's relatives or close friends object strongly to his indulging in the practice or even study of occult phenomena.

B By Minor Lines 496B By Minor Lines 497

Found in both hands and crossed by Lines of Influence from the Mount of the Moon that also cross the Line of Fate - These tendencies or aptitudes will interfere disastrously with the subject's career.

VIII. signs

B By Minor Lines 498

Starting in an island - Somnambulism; clairvoyance.

There are no stronger indications in the hand concerning clairvoyant powers. Seen more frequently, however, in the hands of habitual sleep-walkers.

A Born Somnambulist

A sloping Line of Head. A large island at the beginning of a very clear and long Line of Intuition.

"In the hand of a young man who had always been a sleepwalker and was, besides, prone to nightmares and presentiments."

A Born Somnambulist 499

Extra Lucid Medium

A line of Head sloping far down into the Mount of the Moon, Where it ends in a star. A remarkably clear and complete Line of Intuition. A poor Line of Heart.

"The excess of astral fluid in a woman medium had a tendency to drive her gradually to insanity."

Extra Lucid Medium 500