I. Position And Direction

A. By Itself


Starting from the Line of Life at its beginning, rising ever so slightly toward the Line of Heart under the second finger, and then increasing the space between them until it terminates on approaching the Percussion, which it must not reach - A will-power and. an intellect fully up to, if not above, the average.

A By Itself 501A By Itself 502

Straight and stiff like a bar from the Line of Life clear to the Percussion - Avarice; selfishness; cleverness in worldly matters; no idealism.

Running quite close to the Line of Life for a while - Brain fever.

A By Itself 503

It must keep absolutely distinct from the Line of Life to have this meaning.

A By Itself 504

Running {no close to the Line of Heart - Tendency to asthma or hay-fever.

This determines a Narrow Quadrangle a sure indication of oppression - in matters of health, and of meanness -as a moral tendency.

A By Itself 505

Slightly sloping down the Mount of the Moon - Intellectual faculties influenced by imagination.

A By Itself 506

Sloping deep into the Mount of the loon - Exaggerate spiritualism; morbid superstition. More generally nervous troubles.

This drooping - denoting the mastery of imagination over matter - is considered desirable in the hands of people whose life-work is intellectual or artistic; it is dangerous in the everyday hand, as it will beget a disgust of one's duty.

A Specialist For Bladder Troubles

Strong medical stigmata on the Mount of Mercury. A very sloping Line of Head ending deep into the Mount of the Moon.

"A physician was introduced to Desbar-rolles, who, after glancing at his hands, declared at once that he must make a specially of diseases of the bladder and kidneys It proved to be Dr. Leroy d'Estiolles, who. in the '6o's was the authority on the subject, the world over."

A Specialist For Bladder Troubles 507

Wavy and inclining toward the Line of Liver - Brain disease.

This is generally of a melancholia character, as it indicates the morbid influence of the Liver on the Brain.

A Specialist For Bladder Troubles 508

A Brilliant Girl Violinist

Short, slightly spatulate, fat smooth fingers; a short thumb; enormous Mounts of Mars; big Mounts of the Sun and Mercury thrown into one; a Line of Heart fine and very long; beautiful Lines of Fate and the Sun, A very long line of Head sloping down to the Rascette.

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 509

"The hand of Mademoiselle Tayaut, the young violinist prodigy, already revealing, at 14, the energy and passionate artistic temperament of the great virtuosa; she was a brunette with very bright complexion and a rather sensual face, but with the evidences of a warmhearted and cheerful disposition."

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 510

After partly crossing the hand turning back and starling toward the Mount of Venus- - Cowardice; lack of energy

In this case it fails to reach the Upper

Mount of Mars (energy, courage), which is its normal terminating point. b. In connection with other indications. Rising toward the Line of Heart, with a Line of Liver starting from the Line of Life - Tendency to fainting fits.

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 511

Generally due to a poor digestion. It is often a prognostic of coming apoplexy.

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 512

Rising toward the Line of Heart, under the Mount of Saturn, and then resuming its natural course - The subject will he rendered very miserable - up to insanity - by those he loves.

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 513

Sloping abruptly to the Mount of the Moon with a star oil the second phalanx of the second finger - Insanity.

The Mount of Saturn, the second finger and the Mount of the Moon all represent by the nervous system, generally at its worst. [Star on wrong finger.]

A Brilliant Girl Violinist 514

Sloping far down into the Mount of the Moon with the second phalanx of the first finger lined - Aptitude for occult sciences,

The first finger is essentially the Finger of Inspiration. It is considered the connecting link with the upper world. Its second phalanx has already absorbed the inspiration and causes it to pass through the crucible of human reason.