A. By Itself. 1. Length

Absence - Constitutional brain trouble; dull intellect, often idiocy of a congenital nature.

Long, straight and clear - Common sense,

Short and clear, or long and faintly traced - Flight-mess; lack of concentration.

In either case a poor line.

2. Color - Width - Depth

Thin, toward the center - Nervous or brain trouble, to last as long as the thinness extends on the Line.

For the time measurement on the Line of Head, I refer the reader to the Appendix to this book, containing many a problem only half solved but of particular interest to the palmist.

Narrow and weak - Frivolity.

No persistency of purpose is to be expected of such a line.

3. Malformation

Wavy, uneven and of different colors - Nervous bilious troubles. Want of spirit; miserly disposition.

3 Malformation 515

Chained or linked - Want of fixity in the ideas; chronic headaches. b. In Combination with other indications. 1. Length.

Long and straight, with hands and fingers long - Love of details.

Long and straight with a very short fourth finger and very much marked knots - Tactlessness.

The fourth finger, in good shape and length, indicates aptitude for the clever management of people. The contrary rules obtain here.

3 Malformation 516

Extending clear across the palm, with a Line of Liver narrow, distinct and straight - Good memory.

A good memory needs a clear brain and an unclogged Liver.

Stretching like a straight bar across the whole palm, with a badly formed Triangle - Avarice.

The lack of the slight curve at the middle of the Line always indicates a hard, unyielding nature.

Long, clear and straight. with a long Conical first finger and good Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun - Love of reading.

See what I say of the first finger as to reading tastes (p. 50).

Long and fine, with a broad Quadrangle and a long conical first finger and the others square - Fair mindedness.

3 Malformation 517

Long and fine with a good Line of Heart and a triangle on the Line of Life near its termination - Tact, discretion.

Long and normal, with a good Line of Heart, and a first fmger longer than the normal size - Great generosity toward one's friends, but more in giving them entertainments than by really helping them.

If too straight and stiff and with a poor Line of Heart - The generosity will be all spent upon oneself, especially for high living.

Long and sloping to the Mount of the Moon with a high Mount of Jupiter marked with a grille - Eloquence as a politician.

The presence of the grille simply exaggerates the Mount of Jupiter and is proof sufficient for me that this eloquence will not be exerted for worthy motives.

Long and fine with a moderate Mount of Venus - Constancy.

A good will-power and instincts moderately amorous are guarantees of constancy.

Long and fine, with high Mounts of Mars, Jupiter and Mercury - Unusual power of concentrating one's mind.

Lone and sloping in both hands with a strong Mount of the Moon and the second and third fingers nearly the same length - Love of gambling; disposition to take great risks in business.

3 Malformation 518

If this is added to a deep, long Line of the Sun - The risks will be taken in traveling in dangerous, probably tropical, countries.

3 Malformation 519

Short with a poor Line of Heart and a triangle on the Line of Life near its termination - Loquacity often harmful.

Lack of brains and a hearties? nature are responsible for the most dreadful scandals.

Short with a low Mount of Jupiter and exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon in a soft hand - Laziness.

No Mount of Jupiter - no ambition.

Short, with a narrow Quadrangle and a low Mount of Venus - Narrow mindedness; even uncharitablertess.

The Low Mount of the Moon is evidence of little sympathy for other people's troubles.

2. Color - Width - Depth

Pale and broad, with hard hands and a low Mount of the Sun - Dull intellect.

Paleness and abnormal width always indicate a wretched flow of vital fluid.

Long hut faint, with an exaggerate Mount of Mercury - Perfidy,

Verv Deep - A sure indication of a serious strain of the nervous system.

2 Color Width Depth 520

Thin (or short) and faint, with an irregular Line of Liver - Chronic indi-gestion. sick headaches.

2 Color Width Depth 521

3. Malformation

Wavy and rising In an abnormal curve to the Line of Heart under the Mount of the Sun or the Mount of Mercury - Insanity.

3 Malformation 522

To be confirmed in the other hand and also by other signs, especially on the Mount of the Moon.

Wavy, with a narrow Quadrangle and a Mount of Mercury exaggerate - Dishonesty.

Starting Point.

Meanness, cupidity and falsehood are here combined to reveal the swindler and the thief.

3 Malformation 523

Formed in little islands with fluted nails curved at the top - Consumption.

The curve is sufficient without the fluting. If not seen in the Right Hand - The inherited consumptive strain is being gradually eliminated from the subject's constitution.

Poor, with the Line of Heart absent and the Line of Liver wavy - Weak heart. Irresolute nature, generally led to evil doings through the lack of these two essentials; brains and affectionate feelings.

Very poor with abnormally small thumbs - Idiocy.

As will be stated further, the congenital idiot's hands also reveal a wretched state of the circulation, by the poor markings of the Line of Heart. Medical authorities confirm this reading.