A. By Itself

Entirely absent - Quick mind, alert disposition.

No biliousness, hence none of that heaviness caused by the poor working of the liver. Many palmists consider the total absence of a Line of Liver as a most favorable health indication, proceeding from the idea that "your liver is surely in perfect order when you do not notice its existence."

For years I followed this reading., but I finally accepted the Desbarrolles interpretation of "frequent headaches," as, in the majority of cases that came under my notice, I found the absence of the line to be accompanied with imperfect digestion, hence headaches.

Thick and short - Impaired digestion in old age.

This follows the above reading, as its shortness would cause it to be absent at that time of life.

Straight and very thin - Stiffness of manner.

Red throughout - Brutality and inordinate pride.

This applies to all lines.

Red at the start - Tendency to palpitations of the heart; especially if connected with the Line of Life, These palpitations will be due to poor digestion.

Thin and red about the middle - Tendency to bilious fevers.

About the middle would mean where it crosses the Line of Head; hence the feverish disposition.

Of varying colors and red where it crosses the Line of Heart - Apoplexy.

Fits of apoplexy are generally forthcoming - in subjects so predisposed by the poor quality of the blood or imperfect circulation - shortly after heavy meals; they are really determined by a faulty digestion,

Red at its termination - Chronic sick headaches.

Of a yellow color Serious liver troubles.

It is seldom that one line only is yellow; they are generally all of that color or none at all.

A By Itself 448

Wavy - Biliousness; in its worst form, with a damp, cold hand. Also poor success in business; and in a bad hand - Confirmatory indication of dishonesty.

B. In Combination With Other Indications

Absent, with hard hands and square-tipped fingers - Activity.

Absent, and with a developed Mount of Mercury - Vivacity in word and action. Quickness of repartee.

Straight, not joined with the Line of Life, and with a well-formed Rascette - Longevity.

Long, narrow, clear and straight, with a normal Line of Head extending clear across the hand - Good memory.

It is a well-known fact that the absence of all biliousness is a great help to persistent memory.

B In Combination With Other Indications 449

Long and fine with 3 short Line of Life - Often makes up for the insufficiency of the Line of Life.

B In Combination With Other Indications 450

Very narrow and highly colored, with a broken Line of Life and dark spots on the Line of Head - Very dangerous fever; generally of a malarial character.

B In Combination With Other Indications 451

Irregular or wavy, with a poor, narrow Line of Head - Indigestion. Inferior business capacity.

Poor, with all the other lines in the hand also feebly marked - Paralysis.

This is more positively indicated when the hand itself is paralyzed; then that line (with all others) will soon disappear altogether from the affected hand. (See p. 147.)

Poorly traced and with a narrow Quadrangle, due to the Line of Heart curving too much toward the Line of Head - Asthma and hay fever.

Wavy, with a poor Line of Head and a total absence of the Line of Heart - Weak heart. Tricky, unreliable business ways.

B In Combination With Other Indications 452

Long and wavy, with a similar Line of Fate and the second phalanx of all lingers rather longer than the others - Bad teeth.

Remember that the state of the teeth is marked upon the Mount of Saturn (and the Line of Fate that terminates there). Bad digestion is sure to bring about the decay of the teeth, and vice versa.

B In Combination With Other Indications 453

A poor line, with a_poor Line of Head and a cross near the termination of the Line of Life - Poor general health, especially in old age.

B In Combination With Other Indications 454

Deep and not extending beyond the Quadrangle, while touching both the Lines of Head and Heart on either side - Danger of brain fever.

B In Combination With Other Indications 455

Forming a cross, with the Line of Head on the Mount of the Moon - Over-excited imagination.

This can only take place if the Line of Head droops considerably out of its normal direction, and if the Line of Liver runs comparatively close to the Percussion, Either of these displacements - taken by itself alone - would be read almost in the same manner.

III. Starting Points

Starting; from the Rascette, straight and direct to the Mount of Mercury - Good digestive power, Excellent business success.

III Starting Points 456

Starting from the Line of Life and with a narrow Quadrangle, due to the Line of Heart curving toward the Line of Head - Fainting fits, due to imperfect digestion.