1. Size

In judging the size of a hand one must always bear in mind the size as well as the sex of the subject, and careful allowance must be made for both. Measure a hand on the back, from the wrist to the extremity of the second finger.

Very small hands - Bohemian instincts; little order in either ideas or actions; oftentimes cruel instincts, especially in men.

Small hands - Delicacy of mind; broad ideas; synthetical talents. I will insist on this point when I reach the Fingers.

Average hands - The hands of common sense, practical gifts, and healthy, if moderate, imagination.

Large hands - A love and aptitude for minutiie and details; analytical talents. I will pay my respects to this characteristic when I reach the Fingers.

Very large hands - A mania for useless details; the hand of the martinet and meddlesome, never satisfied employer. 2. Hair.

In a woman - A hairy hand denotes cruelty, or, at the best, mannish instincts.


In a man - Slightly hairy - Prudence, energy, self-possession.

Very hairy - Violent nature; incon-stanew

No hair at all - Effeminacy, cowardice; presumption.

Hair on thumb only - Inventive genius (tradition),

Hair on the two lower phalanges of the fingers - Stiffness of demeanor; lack of simplicity.

Hair on all phalanges - Ardent, easily aroused disposition.

Light colored hair on the hands - People easily influenced and often lacking in passion.

Dark colored hair - Quick, passionate disposition.

Reddish colored hair - Most excitable natures.