A. Size

Very long - Despotism. Ungovernable temper.

Long - Strong, healthy will power.

Short - Want of self-control.

Very short - Weakness of will power, also often silly obstinacy; carelessness. Chronic discouragement.

It is well to keep in mind that will power is at its best only when we govern ourselves as well as we influence others.

B. Shape

B Shape 27

Conical - If long - Artistic gifts. If short - Lazy imaginings; inconstancy.

Square - Tf long - Will power ternpered by love of fair-play. If short - Impartiality that lacks resolution to decide.

Spatulate - If long - The will here is that of a commander in the field. If short - It will leave the chief of an expedition in the lurch for lack of quick determination at the right time.

Broad - Obstinacy. If short - Fret-fulness.

Flat - Insignificant, nervous personality.

B Shape 28

"Clubbed" (i. e., broad, thick and rounded) - The murderer's characteristic phalanx. (See, in next chapter, the Murderer's Hand.)

Thick - Violent, often lascivious disposition.

Slender - Refined in action. If long -It will have recourse to most courteous means to succeed in what he resolves to do, "the iron hand in the velvet glove."

V. The Knot Between The Phalanges

The existence of a more or less pronounced knot on the joint between the first and second phalanx modifies the above readings in accordance with the principles laid down in the preceding lessons. It must be remembered that this single knot corresponds to the first (or upper) knot on the fingers; it increases, therefore, the reasoning power of the second phalanx and reduces the intuitive quality of the first phalanx.