Very long - Discusses everything to death; trusis nobody and nothing. Paradoxical to a degree.

Long - A good, strong reasoner; a correct logician.

Short - The reasoning power is weak, or is used by fits and starts.

Very short - Lacks the simplest common sense; hates to think before acting.

B. Shape

Broad - if long - A good understanding of material things. If short - A primitive type of intellect.

Flat - In this case, logic lacks healthy development; often false logic.

Thick and clumsy - A lower grade of brains; the primitive type again.

Slender - Refinement in thought; sometimes nervousness affecting the reasoning power.

Wasped or waist-shaped - Quick, sharp, brilliant intellect; love of things intellectual.

No Third Phalanx

I refer the reader to the Skeleton of the Hand, found in a preceding chapter, for the proof that the Thumb has only two phalanges, and not three, as is commonly believed. The falsely so-called Third Phatanx is in reality the Mount of Venus, and will be studied later under that name.