In a normally shaped hand the proportion between the First and Second Phalanges is 2 to 3; in other words, if you measure a Thumb from its base (or lower knuckle) to the Tip, the First for nailed) Phalanx must extend over two-fifths of the total length, and the Second Phalanx ever three-fifths. Above or below this proportion the Phalanges must be considered as abnormal. Pay attention to this measurement when applying the following readings:

To The Combination Of Phalanges 29To The Combination Of Phalanges 30

A long First and a short Second -Recklessness in thought and action. Will power is not influenced and controlled by reason.

To The Combination Of Phalanges 31

'A short First and a long Second - "Talkers that are not doers;" they reason things fairly well, and lack the gift of execution.