A. Directly

Starting from the Mount of the Moon and merging into a. good Line of Heart, itself starting clearly from inside the Mount of Jupiter - A fairly certain indication of a brilliant marriage, or of an overpowering and successful passion.

A Directly 821

It does not necessarily follow that the happiness will be lasting; in fact, there is a great chance of its being ephemeral just on account of the very intensity of its beginnings.

B. By Means Of Minor Lines

The Line and the Line of Life intersected by many short horizontal lines -

B By Means Of Minor Lines 822

Family sorrows; as many lines of the kind, as many great sorrows.

B By Means Of Minor Lines 823

A deep line from the base of the Mount of Venus to the Line - Violent amorous passion. Should a second line act as a sister line to this one - Ungovernable passion reaching happiness over great obstacles; whether for a long time or not remains to be discovered elsewhere,

These two readings really belong to the Chapter on the Lines of Influence from the Mounts of Venus and the Line of Life, (pp. I72-I93.)

B By Means Of Minor Lines 824

Deep lines from the Line of Heart cutting the Line - Painful love affairs will injure the subject's worldly and financial prospects; very often read accurately as widowhood or widowerhood at the date the Line of Fate is cut, or at the date of a-corresponding break in the Line.

B By Means Of Minor Lines 825B By Means Of Minor Lines 826

Deep Lines from the Line of Head cutting the Ling - Financial troubles due to lawsuits; or unsuccessful issue of one's artistic or literary efforts.