Sloping and forked at the termination. one prong to the Mount of the Moon and the other to the Mount of Mercury - The power to hypnotize; also crafty disposition in business; the thirst for money blinding the subject as to the means to secure riches.

Forked at the termination, one prong down the Mount of the Moon, the other rising and touching the Line of Heart - The subject will sacrifice everything to an affection.

The Line Of Head IV Termination Forks At The Termi 552

The same indications with the Line of Fate terminating at the Line of Heart -

The Line Of Head IV Termination Forks At The Termi 553

This passionate affection will ruin the subject's life.

The subject's brain power and all the possibilities of his life are here concentrated upon one being: hence the saddest probability of a total wreck.

The Line Of Head IV Termination Forks At The Termi 554

A fork at the termination, both prongs sloping low down_into the Mount of the Moon - Diseased imagination; some thing of the Oscar Wilde form of aberration.

Perfidious Denunciator

Exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon, with absent Mounts of Mars. A rather fat hand. A droping Line of Head forked at the termina-

"Repeatedly demonstrated to be the characteristic of the hands of people who turn Slate's evidence, or belray their friends or country under the influence of fear; these two exaggerate Mounts reveal an inborn, remarkable poltroonery and a horror of physical pain, To save themselves from it. these fellows will sell their mothers to the police."

Perfidious Denunciator 555

A long, fine fork at the termination, one prong down the Mount of the Moon, but not very low - Talent for diplomacy and even - with other signs - the gift of clairvoyance.

Perfidious Denunciator 556

Terminating in a three-pronged fork. one prong straight on. the second curving up to the Mount of Mercury, the third sloping a little way down the Mount of the Moon - Union of brain power, business talent and imagination: often seen in the hand of the successful artist or "litterateur," who sells his works to advantage.

I would expect to find just such a triple fork in the hand of an inventor who knows how to finance his patent to full advantage.

The Hands Of The Famous German Painter, Cornelius

A short, small, thin hand, with square-tipped, knotted fingers; a. fairly long thumb, the second phalanx above average; short nails, A large Mount of Venus very much rayed, as was the whole palm. A fine star on the Mount of Jupiter, and another, quite clear also, on the third phalanx of the first finger. The third phalanges were not plump: on the contrary, thin and dry. A very fine Line of Head with a long triple fork at the termination. A perfectly curved

Line of Intuition, Lines of Fate and the Sun starling from an exceptionally long and clear Line of Life.

The Hands Of The Famous German Painter Cornelius 557

Desbarrolles met Cornelius when the latter was 87 years old and had several long conversations with him. The Master of Palmistry, being himself no mean artist, was able to judge very accurately of the merits of the illustrious German, who, by the way, was French on his mother's side. A clever business man whose ambitions had been crowned to the limits of his desires; an excellent and bold draughtsman and a painstaking, classical painter, Cornelius always lacked warmth of coloring to give true life to his admirably grouped figures. All these qualities and defects were confirmed by the shape and markings of his hands, who showed that, with all his great talent, he lacked genius."

Forked at the termination, with one prong normal, the other only a little way down the Mount of the Moon - People clever to astuteness; business men of unusual shrewdness; successful lawyers; worldly clergymen; sometimes first-class actors sinking their personalities in the parts they act.

This is particularly the characteristic marking of the lawyer and the actor. This fork is the distinct proof of a capacity for seeing both sides of every question. It is not considered as an evidence of exceptional veracity.

Violent Temper Amounting Almost To Insanity

A Martian type with a short thumb but a very long Line of Head widely separated from the Line of Life at the start and terminating in three prongs very close together. A star marked at 20 on the Line of Life and another marked at 28 and both connected by Lines of Influence, the first with the Line of Heart, the second with the Line of Head.

Violent Temper Amounting Almost To Insanity 558

"Seen in the hands of a lawyer whose temper was at times absolutely uncontrollable; the short thumb did not furnish him with will-power sufficient for conquering this tendency. Two serious incidents in his life had been the consequences of this easily aroused wrath: a duel when quite young; later a carnage accident as he was driving at a furious rate in the wake of a woman he was desperately jealous of; in both cases he had been severely wounded."