The Line Of Liver VI Breaks 463

Breaks on the line, confirming breaks. bars, crosses, stars or islands on the Line of Life - As many breaks as many illnesses. Also a sign of chronic indigestion. Also indications of successive reverses in business, due to the subject's incompetence or poor health.

The Line Of Liver VI Breaks 464

Broken in fragments arranged ladder-wise - Very severe liver trouble. Succession of business losses.

Organic Trouble. Skin Disease

A chained beginning of the Line of Life, this portion of it ending in a. star with a deep, dark dot at the center. A badly chained Line of Heart. A wavy and forked Line of Head; short nails; domineering first phalanx of the thumb. The Line of Liver formed of a sucsuccession of fragments placed ladderwise.

"A young girl, after a delicate childhood, was attacked by an organic disease that left her a mark for life in the shape of an ugly skin trouble. She was irritable, despotic and not over-sincere."

Organic Trouble Skin Disease 465