Two deep parallel lines, one at either side of a straight and deep Line of the Sun - Glory; untold fortune. These are the Lines of Reputation. (See page 102.)

Special Observations 926Special Observations 927

A good Line, but with two wavy, irregular sister Lines of the Sun - Mis-direeted genius.

Lines of Influence running for a. while along the Line but not touching it - Legacies. If the Line of Influence starts on the Mount of the Moon - Expected Legacies. If it starts from above the Mount of the Moon - Unexpected legacies. If it starts from the Mount of Venus - The legacy comes from a relative.

Special Observations 928

I generally apply to the Line of the Sun all the readings of the Lines of Influence in connection with the Line of Fate. (See page.)

A Peculiar Square Of Preservation

A straight Line, of Fate stopping within the Quadrangle. A short Line of the Sun starting up from the Line of Head. Two Lines of Influence at five years distance, both starting from stars on the Mount of Venus. The upper one CUlS the Line of Head at its connection with the Line of Fate, and cuts also the Line of the Sun; the lower one cuts the Line of Fate and then the Line of Head just where the Line of the Sun starts. This combination forms a perfect square.

A Peculiar Square Of Preservation 929

"At five years distance two large legacies had restored the compromised fortune of the subject, finally saving him from bankrupicy."