1. The possessor of a predominating Mount of Jupiter seldom commits suicide, except when deeply humiliated in his overwhelming pride; or else he, a man of pleasure, feels that his sensual satisfactions are about to vanish. In that case he tries to bring down everything else within a general conflagration or some other great disaster of which he is proud to be the instigator.

2. The possessor of a predominant Mount of Saturn will throw himself from a high place or choose asphyxiation by gas, coal damp, etc.

3. A predominant Upper Mount of Mars wilt induce the possessor to use the revolver, the dagger or the ra2or to cut short the thread of life,

4. A predominant Mount of Mercury inspires the idea of suicide by poison. This, by the way, is not unusual with an exaggerate Mount of Saturn.

5. An exaggerate Mount of the Moon will induce its possessor to have recourse to drowning to free himself from the burden of existence.

6 and 7. Neither the Mount of the Sun nor the Mount of Venus inspires any desire to commit felo da se. The possessor of a large Mount of the Sun is too fond of life and of too sunny a disposition, and a predominant Mount of Venus supplies the owner with an unlimited supply of consolation in the dark moments of life.

The reader will kindly bear in mind that the evaggerate prominence of any of these Mounts is not "per se" evidence of a tendency to suicide; this tendency must be confirmed elsewhere in the hand, or rather in both hands, before any such surmise be allowable. But when the evidence is all in and its weight is sufficient, then the Mount will tell us the probable mode of suicide toward which the subject has an inborn inclination.