These tendencies are indicated either by the abnormal prominence of the Mounts or by their being covered with confused lines,

Mount of Jupiter - Apoplexy; rush of blood to the head; lung troubles.

Mount of Saturn - Nervotis irritations; hemorrhoids; fluxes of blood downward; troubles with the legs, teeth and ears; paralysis; hemiplegy; rheumatism; vice and its consequences.

Mount of the Sun - Heart-beatings; aneurism; troubles with the eyes, up to loss of eyesight.

Mount of Mercury - Bilious troubles; liver diseases; jaundices; extra nervous irritations.

Upper Mount of Mars - Sore throat; bronchitis; troubles with the blood, whatever their forms.

Mount of the Moon - Diseases of the bladder and kidneys; dropsy; stone; weakness of eyesight and sometimes blindness, but always as a consequence of the lymphatic dispositions which belong to the Mount of the Moon; anaemia, gout. Also female troubles.

Mount of Venus - Diseases of the generative organs.

Lower Mount of Mars - Same reading as the Mount of Venus (which see),