When I speak of Displacements of the Mounts I must also mention my system of locating them, so as to know, for instance, if an elevation found between the roots of the first and second fingers is the Mount of Jupiter inclines toward the Mount of Saturn or the latter inclines toward the Mount of Jupiter. This method, by the way, applies only to the Mounts under the fingers, as the others can be located by simple, cursory inspection.

To succeed in this rather minute search necessitates the use of a magnifying glass, if the examiner be not endowed with especially sharp eyesight. In either case the reader must look for these liny tines, which form the very outward texture of the skin. At the point constituting the apex or summit of each Mount these lines will be found grouped in designs marked very much like this. I have also attempted to show apexes Is the print of a hand. Four such apexes and no more are found across the hand directly under the fingers; each of them represents, as I said, what ought to be the summit of a Mount, when they are ail four located properly; any displacement can thus be easily given its proper signification.

III Displacements Of The Mounts Of The Hand 44

A Mount to be at its best must be placed directly under the finger it may be said to belong to; for is not the Mount the continuation of the third phalanx? The Mount must not be abnormally developed and must be relatively firm under a gentle touch. If the consistency is soft it means that the quality it represents has not been made use of by the subject; the nervous fluid hardens the substances it acts upon; at least for a time. Look at the same fingers, front and back, and you will grasp my meaning and agree with me.

The Apexes of the Mounts   Fob Locating any displacement.

The Apexes of the Mounts - Fob Locating any displacement.

Mount Of Jupiter

Toward the first finger - Egotism, vanity.

Toward the Mount of Saturn - Self-consciousness.

Toward the Line of Heart - Pride in affection.

Toward the Line of Head - Pride in Intellect

Toward the Line of Life - Pride in family.

Mount Of Saturn

Toward the second finger - Intense love of solitude.

Toward the Mount of Jupiter - Mor-bid pride.

Toward the Mount of the Sun - Less morbidity.

Toward the Line of Heart - Apprehension in love.

Mount Of The Sun

Toward the third finger - Affectation in attitude toward the public.

Toward the Mount of Saturn- - Selfish Love of animals.

Toward the Mount of Mercury - Shrewd management of one's artistic talent.

Toward the Line of Heart - The Gift of Mercy.

Mount Of Mercury

Toward the fourth finger - Sense of humor; eloquent after-dinner speaker.

Toward the Mount of the Sun - Eloquence of a flowery character; business blended with love of art.

Toward the Percussion - Business success.

Toward the Upper Mount of Mars - Making a trade of fighting; the mercenary soldier.

Upper Mount Of Mars

Toward the Percussion - Pluck.

Toward the Palm proper - Aggression.

Toward the Mount of the Moon - The power of hypnotism.

Mount Of The Moon

Toward the Upper Mount of Mars - Imagination well within control; a love of harmony (in music).

Toward the Rascette - Wild imaginings.

Toward the Mount of Vemus - Imag-ination intensifies the emotions.

Toward the Palm proper - Imagination increases the aggressive force.

Mount Of Venus

Toward the Thumb - Emolions rule the will.

Toward the Rascette - Semuousness.

Toward the- Mount of the Moon - Stn-suality.

With the angle of the Thumb (space between Thumb and First finger) well developed - A love of melody, Lower Mount of Mars.

Toward the Mount of Venus - Power of endurance through affection.

Toward the Mount nf Jupiter - Power of endurance through pride.

Toward the Thumb - Power of endurance through sheer will.