We have constantly occasion to meet people in a social or business way whose leading characteristics it would be of the very highest importance for us to know. They may be persons in a position to influence our whole lives, persons who may become our employers, if properly approached, or whose recommendation would be all-powerful in case we should apply for a city, state or government office. In a word, they are people whose good-will would be very useful if not essential to our future welfare. To please them, to meet with their approval, may be, at the time, of the utmost importance to us; and it is evident that if we knew a little of their nature we might treat them in such a way as to secure their support. It is not a question of flattering them, but simply to avoid antagonizing their hidden weakness. And to obtain such a precious result it is pleasant to know that we may call Palmistry to our help, with infallibly good results.

(From G. W. Gessmann's " Die Franenhand."]

Chirognomy In Every Day Life

Chirognomy In Every Day Life.

(Adapted from Debarralles.)

Of course, I do not mean the delicate, minute Chiromancy that unravels so slowly the tangled lines of the hands. No, I have in mind simply that branch of Palmistry called "Chirognomy," which bases its observations and conclusions on the shape of the palm, the fingers, the thumb. All these stand in full view whenever you are granted an interview by high or low dignitary; you need not his permission to least your eyes upon the peculiarities of his prehensile extremities. And a single glance will tell you the tale.

To be fully practical I will run over the various types you are bound to meet, and to each observation I will append a memorandum of the attitude that it will be proper, prudent and success-producing for you to adopt.

Let us first busy ourselves with the thumb of the interviewed, party and see what it reveals to us when examined with a sharp, quick and accurate eye.

If the first phalanx of the thumb, the nailed one, be very long, you have before you the thumb of a despot, of the man with an uncontrollable, domineer' ing spirit.

"Praise him to the skies. Any flattery will be accepted as the truth. Be humble, and you will please."

If the same phalanx be only of a middling size you have to do with a man endowed with the force of inertia,

"You must look for his weak points in the other fingers before you know how to handle him."

If the same phalanx be a very short one, its owner will be weak in his will power, apt to run down from the acme of enthusiasm to the lowest degree of disand of discussing endlessly the smallest nutters. For him nothing is done well that is not clone by himself.

"This is a difficult case. Do not try to fight too hard, Give way. Seem convinced. Perhaps you may appease this restless fancy that feeds on other people's hopes."

If the fingers be square-tipped, you will be in the presence of a truthful and intelligent nature.

"Fall in line yourself and be sincere, clear in your statements and concise."

These same fingers give to the subject a spirit of fair play.

"Therefore it is essential that you should have a claim based on reality, or appearing to be, and that your request Should not interfere with that of a better man,"

These same fingers are indications of a spirit of order and correct reasoning.

"You had better speak quietly, distinctly, to the point, and with all your arguments well-marshaled forward."

If the fingers are spatulate, that Is, if they grow wider at the tip, you are in the presence of a mind in love with independence in its widest meaning.

"You will surely please him if you attack abuses and speak of reforms like a true radical."

These same spatulate fingers are the characteristics of a love of outdoor sports, of extended traveling and of untiring activity.

"Do not fear to speak of athletics, football, even the race track and boxing ring. Show yourself a man who knows not what the word weariness means, both in business and recreation."

If the fingers be very spatulate, you have to deal with an Atheist, and probably a Socialist or Anarchist

"You will find the way to his favor by being still more of an Atheist, a Socialist or an Anarchist."

If the second finger be particularly spatulate, the subject will be of a morbid disposition.

"You had better then show yourself also saddened by life's hard struggle and speak in a subdued tone about the melancholy experiences of your existence."

If the first joint (the upper joint) of each finger is visibly knotted, your man will be endowed with a philosophic mind.

"You may fearlessly wrap up your request in all kinds of abtruse reasonings,"

If the second joint, the one between the middle phalanx and the lower phalanx of each finger, be markedly knotted, you will have to deal with a man who is orderly to a degree and who has all business details at his fingers' ends,

"Now is the time to show yourself a model business man, with almost a mania for classification and minute arrangements."

People with the above knot will be very careful in their dress and extremely regular in all their habits,

"It will be prudent to show yourself also dressed with the utmost care, and with the outward appearance of a model employe."

If the fingers be very long, the owner will have a mania for details in every thing. He is sure to have invented some extra minute classification of some sort or other. He will examine you from head to foot and note every little defect in your face or garb.

"Let us hope that you come to him prepared for such inspection, as he only admits to his favor such people as possess the same outward characteristics as are his own."

If he possesses short fingers he will only grasp general features and will have a natural hatred for full details and all red-tape business.

"When you approach him you may be dressed without any particular care, but you had better he quick about your requests, and not enter into details that would surety tire him out and dispose him ill toward you."

If his fingers are smooth, i e., showing no knots at the joints, he will be easily impressed and be quick to understand half-expressed wishes.

"Speak rapidly, allow him to interrupt you; you may feel certain that he has grasped your meaning when the words have hardly been uttered."

Fingers fat at the inside base, where they are attached to the palm, denote love of good living, selfishness and material instincts.

"You had better talk of all the good times you have had and propose to have. Offer him the best cigars that can be bought for money, and, if you can, invite him to a recherche dinner. Show yourself a man of the world and a merry companion."

Should you notice that the third finger is smooth and at the same time spatulate at the tip, you will have to deal with a man who is fond of all beautiful things in nature and art.

"Do not hesitate to talk Painting, Sculpture, Music or Literature, according to the bent which you will find, after a few words, to be his."

Should the third finger be the same-length as the second finger it is an invariable indication of a gambling propensity; your man will be fond of taking risks in business and of leading adventuresome expeditions into dangerous countries.

"You may talk to him about remarkable poker games and mention incidentally that you know of some big mine that only needs some care and investment to prove a millionaire-maker. Anything in that line that you may say will be welcomed with delight, and you must listen with sympathy to similar tales that he is sure to pour into your ears."

Now, at some times, the hand will open, and you will be able to inspect the root of the thumb, which is called, in Palmistry, the "Mount of Venus." If it be well-developed and bulges somewhat. but not too much, you have before you a man habitually kind in his disposition, and inclined to help his fellow-beings.

"Answer back in the same tone by displaying a most benevolent disposition toward your fellow-creatures."

When he shakes hands with you, if the hand is hard you have to deal with a man of action, and if it is hot, besides, with a man of feverish activity.

"Then mention your overwhelming occupations and your love for unceasing work."

IE the hand is very hot and yielding, the indication will be that of const itu-tional laziness, and you had better pay attention to the following interpretation of this special characteristic;

"Never place any confidence in a lazy body, even if he speaks kindly to you. He is selfish at heart, and after you are gone, with the echo of his last pleasant words in your ear, he will never give you a second thought and certainly not move one step to assist you."

Finally, should you meet with a man whose fingers are ill-shaped, twisted, with very short nails and a thumb club-shaped, you may know that this man is a dangerous acquaintance, and the sooner you are out of his office the better for you.

These various items of information are not given here in a haphazard, arbitrary fashion. They are really based on the experience of hundreds of men who have both knowledge and belief in this branch of Palmistry, which has been rendered famous by Captain D'Arpenligny, the valorous officer of Napoleon the First, who gathered together the marvelous threads with which he weaved the science of Chirognomy.