The Island of Cuba.

By Lieut. A. S. Rowan, U. S. A., and Prof. M. M. Ramsay. With Maps and Index. 12mo, $1.25.

"Excellent and timely, a clear and judicial account of Cuba and its history." - The Dial. "Conveys just the information needed at this time." - Philadelphia Times.

English Literature.

By Bernhard Ten Brink. Vol. II. Part 2. From the Middle of the Fourteenth Century to the Accession of Elizabeth. 121110, $2.00.

"Has taken highest rank in its department." - Outlook.

Earlier Volumes: - Vol. I. ToWyclif. $2.00. - Vol.II. Part 1. Through the Renaissance. $2.00. Ten Brink's Lectures on Shakespeare. $1.25.

Telepathy and tbe Subliminal Self.

By Dr. R. Osgood Mason. A work treating of hypnotism, automatism, trance, and phantasms. ( To be published at once.) 12mo.

"It is with the hope of aiding somewhat in the efforts now being made to rescue from an uncertain and unreasoning su-pernaturalism some of the most valuable facts in nature, and some of the most interesting and beautiful psychical phenomena in human experience, that this book is offered to the public." - From the Preface.

A Diplomat in London. (1871=77.)

By Charles Gavard. A book giving interesting light on the diplomacy of the Commune, and on the English aristocracy of the time. (To be published at once.) 12mo.

In India.

By Andre Chevrillon. 12mo, $1.50.

"A masterpiece. . . Such a vivid reflection of the country, its people, its architecture, and its religion, that we become unconscious of the printed page, for we see and feel that mystery of the world - India." - Bookman,

Henry Holt & Co.'s Newest Books.

Richard Brinsley Sberidan.

By W. Fraser Rae. With an Introduction by

Sheridan's great-grandson, the Marquess of Dufferin. With portraits. 2 vols., 8vo, $7.00.

"A story of romantic and human interest." - Atlantic Monthly. "A marvelously ingenious and deft piece of biographical narration. . . Mr. Rae has told a full and interesting story, and has told it well." - N. Y. Tribune. " The best biography of Sheridan in existence." - Review of Reviews.

Social Forces in German Literature.

By Prof. Kuno Francke. 8vo, $2.00 net. {This book is being translated into German.)

"We owe a debt of gratitude to the author. . . his exposition is admirable." - Nation.

On Parody.

By Arthur Shadwell Martin. An essay on the art, and humorous selections. 12mo, $1.25.

"Of infinite delight and resource to lovers of English verse." - Outlook. "Full of good examples." - Nation.

Modern Political Orations. (1838=1888.)

Twenty-four speeches by Brougham, Macaulay, Fox, Cobden, Bulwer-Lytton, Bright, Morley, Beaconsfield, Gladstone, Chamberlain, Parnell, McCarthy, Churchill, etc., etc. Edited by Leopold Wagner. $1.00 net.

Russian Politics.

By Herbert M. Thompson. With maps. $2.00.

"Most intelligible and interesting." - Atlantic Monthly.

Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture.

By E. P. Evans. With 78 Illustrations. $2 net.

"Many a ponderous and voluminous work on mediaeval history and art, requiring months for its study, is really far less valuable than this little book." - The Hon. Andrew D. White, in Appleton's Popular Science Monthly.

International Bimetallism.

By Francis A. Walker. 3d edition. $1.25.

"An elaborate study of bimetallism from the first bimetal-list in the United States, and there is not a syllable in it that is favorable to the free, unlimited, and independent coinage of silver by the United States." - Christian Register.

Henry Holt & Co's Recent Fiction.

The honorable peter Stirling.

By PAUL L. FORD.. A brilliant novel of New

York Political Life. Sixteenth edition. $1.50.

" Timely, manly, thoroughbred, and eminently suggestive." -Atlantic Monthly.

Emma Lou:her Book.

My Mary M. Mears. 12mo, $1.00.

"The neatest, closest, and most accurate description of village life in exactly the way an uncommonly bright girl would see it. It i> its exceeding naturalness which is so taking. . . We are inclined to give the book the highest of encomiums as a sound, wholesome, and most amusing story."- N. V. Timet.

The Buckram Series.

Narrow 16mo, with frontispiece, 75c. each. "That admirable Buckram Series - to which a dull book is never admitted." - N.Y. Times.

Out of Bounds.

Being the Adventures of an Unadventurous Young Man. By A. Gakrv.

"An exceedingly good story. . . graceful and interesting." - N. Y. Commercial Advertiser. "A story which none will read but to enjoy." - Boston Times.

Earlier Issues.

Ar.chony Hope's Romances.

6 vols. The Prisoner of Zenda (31st Ed.). The Indiscretion of the Duchess (10th Ed.). A Man of Mark (9th Ed.). The Dolly Dialogues (9th Ed.). A Change of Air (9th Ed.). Sport Royal (3d Ed.). A Man and His Womankind.

A novel. By Nora Vynne. Sir Quixote of the Moors.

A Scotch Romance. By John BUCHAN. Lady Bonnie's Experiment.

A quaint pastoral. By Tighe Hopkins. Kafir Stones.

Tales of adventure. By Wm. Chas. Scully. The Master-Knot (2d Edition).

And " Another Story." By Conover Duff. The Time Machine.

The Story of an Invention. By H. G. Wells. Tenement Tales of New York.

By J. W. Sullivan. Slum Stories of London.

(Neighbors of Ours.) By H. W. Nbvinson. The Ways of Yale (6th Edition).

Sketches, mainly humorous. By H. A. Beers. A Suburban Pastoral (5th Edition).

American stories. By Henry A. Beers. Jack O'Doon (2d Edition).

An American novel. By Maria Beale. Quaker Idyls (5th Edition).

By Mrs. S. M. H. Gardner. John Ingerfield (6th Edition).

A love tragedy. By Jerome K. Jerome.

Sixteenth Edition of a New York Novel.

The Hon. Peter Stirling

And what people thought of him.

By Paul Leicester Ford. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

The Nation: " Floods of light on the raison d'etre, origin, and methods of the dark figure that directs the destinies of our cities. ... So strongly imagined and logically drawn that it satisfies the demand for the appearance of truth in art. . . . Telling scenes and incidents and descriptions of political organization, all of which are literal transcripts of life and fact- not dry irrelevancies thrown in by way of imparting information, but lively detail, needful for a clear understanding of Stirling's progress from the humble chairmanship of a primary to the dictator's throne. ... In the use of dramatic possibilities, Mr. Ford is discreet and natural, and without giving Stirling a heroic pose, manages to win for him very hearty sympathy and belief. Stirling's private and domestic story is well knit with that of his public adventures. ... A very good novel."

The Atlantic Monthly: "Commands our very sincere respect . . . there is no glaring improbability about his story . . . the highly dramatic crisis of the story. . . . The tone and manner of the book are noble. ... A timely, manly, thoroughbred, and eminently suggestive book."

The Review of Reviews : "His relations with women were of unconventional sincerity and depth. . . . Worth reading on several accounts."

The Dial: "One of the strongest and most vital characters that have appeared in our fiction. ... A very charming love-story. To discern the soul of good in so evil a thing as Municipal politics calls for sympathies that are not often united with a sane ethical outlook; but Peter Stirling is possessed of the one without losing his sense of the other, and it is this combination of qualities that make him so impressive and admirable a figure. . . . Both a readable and an ethically helpful book."

The New York Tribune: "A portrait which is both alive and easily recognizable."

New York Times : " Mr. Ford's able political novel."

The Literary World: " A fine, tender love-story. . . . A very unusual but, let us believe, a possible character. . . . Peter Stilring is a man's hero. . . . Very readable and enjoyable."

The Independent: "Full of life. The interest never flags. ... It is long since we have read a better novel or one more thoroughly and naturally American."

The Boston Advertiser: "Sure to excite attention and win popularity."

HENRY HOLT & CO., 29 W.23dSt.,

New York

Anthony Hope's Romances

In Buckram Series.

18mo, with Frontispieces, 75 cents each.

Tbc prisoner of Zenoa. 32d Edition.

"A glorious story, which cannot be too warmly recommended to all who love a tale that stirs the blood. Perhaps not the least among its many good qualities is the fact that its chivalry is of the nineteenth, not of the sixteenth, century; that it is a tale of brave men and true, and of a fair woman of to-day. The Englishman who saves the king ... is as interesting a knight as was Bayard. . . . The story holds the readers attention from first to last."- Critic.

The Indiscretion of the Ducbess.

10th Edition. "Told with an old-time air of romance that gives the fascination of an earlier day: an air of good faith, almost of religious chivalry, givees rality to their extravagance. . . . Marks Mr. Hope as a wit, if he were not a romancer."- Nation.

A Man of Mark. 9th Edition.

" More plentifully charged with humor, and the plot is every whit as original as that of Zenda . . . returns to the entrancing manner of ' The Prisoner of Zenda.' . . . The whole game of playing at revolution is pictured with such nearness and intimacy of view that the wildest things happen as though they were every-day occurrences. . . . Two triumphs of picturesque description - the overthrow and escape of the President, and the night attack on the bank. The charmingly wicked Christina is equal to anything that Mr. Hope has done, with the possible exception of the always piquant Dolly." - Life.

The Dolly Dialogues. 9th Edition.

" Characterized by a delicious drollery; . . . beneath the surface play of words lies a tragi-comedy of life. . . . There is infinite suggestion in every line." - Boston Transcript.

A Change of Air. 9th Edition.

With portrait and notice of the author.

"A highly clever performance, with little touches that recall both Balzac and Meredith. ... Is endowed with exceeding originality." - New York Times.

Sport Royal. 3d Edition.

"His many admirers will be happy to find in these stories full evidence that Anthony Hope can write short stories fully as dramatic in incident as his popular novels." - Philadelphia Call.

HENRY HOLT & CO., 29 W.23d St.,

New York.