"Jeanie Gwynne-Brettany."

Mrs. Brettany's parents write: -

"We certify that the above is correct."

"S. G. Gwynne.

"J. W. Gwynne."

In answer to inquiries, Mrs. Brettany states further:

"The White Room in which I saw my mother, and afterwards actually found her, was out of use. It was unlikely she should be there.

"She was found lying in the attitude in which

I had seen her. I found a handkerchief with a 20 lace border beside her on the floor. This I had distinctly noticed in my vision. There were other particulars of coincidence which I cannot put here."

Mrs. Brettany's father writes further: -"I distinctly remember being surprised by seeing my daughter in company with the family doctor, outside the door of my residence; and I asked, ' Who is ill?' She replied, ' Mamma.' She led the way at once to the ' White Room,' where we found my wife lying in a swoon on the floor. It was when I asked when she had been taken ill that I found it must have been after my daughter had left the house. None of the servants in the house knew anything of the sudden illness, which our doctor assured me would have been fatal had he not arrived when he did.

"My wife was quite well when I left her in the morning."


Taking, as we must, the main incidents of this narrative as true, we have either a simple case of clairvoyance on the part of Mrs. Brettany as a child, or else, on the other hand, the subliminal self of the unconscious mother hastened to impress the situation upon the sensitive child, and with the definite good result which is recorded.