The Soul contains in itself the event that shall befall it.

- Goethe. You are in "the silence" now. The only way to realize it is to get still, physically and mentally. It takes time and practice to do it, and there are no short cuts except as aspiration, faith and suggestion help to quiet your mental chattering. But the spiritual and mental and material rewards of such practice are enormous. Eye hath not seen nor ear heard the glories that are free in the silence.

- Elizabeth Towne in "Nautilus."

In the silence of the Spirit,

In the higher realms above, In the deeper life within me,

In the world of perfect love; I have found my Father's kingdom

And His righteousness divine; I have sought and found my heaven.

And all else is ever mine.

- C. J. Larsen. I will be silent in my Soul,

Since God has girt me round With His own Silence in which

There is no space for sound. Only His voice perchance may drop

Like dew upon the ground.

- Anna Hempstead Branch.

Thus far I have dealt directly with the Philosophy of Concentration; now I shall give what has been called out by pupils and patients. If some thoughts are repeated, it is because I feel it is necessary to repeat for power, and that conclusions be reached from as many points of view as possible. My notes cover answers to many questions and each reader will find here, I trust, answers to those he is asking.

This phrase, "In the Silence," so much in use does not mean any peculiar condition. Often it is expressed thus, "Going into the Silence!" There is no "going." The Soul lives in Silence. We are there constantly. Silence is that mental attitude which shuts out the external world through lack of attention. We come en-rapport with the external world through the five senses. Closing these, we listen to that which we hear in the silence of the soul. I like best to use the phrase, "Listening to the Silence."

The noise and turmoil of the objective, which is the physical life, never reaches the Soul. The Real Man - the Soul - is never disturbed. It is the conscious part of our Being that is disturbed; made unquiet; taken out of ease and placed in that condition we term disease. The Soul is like God, always at rest; always at peace; always silent. The Self-Consciousness of Man alone knows worry, fret, pain, trouble, disease, and death. The Soul never dies; no more can it suffer any inharmony. These conditions of un-rest are merely disturbances in the manifestation, and not in that Reality which manifests. The man who runs a machine may be quiet and peaceful, yet the machine may run with racket and in disorder. So with the Soul; all the disorder is in the mental part of our Being and is but the necessary education for our unfoldment. We shall ultimately reach that serene condition, "Where we neither wish nor will;" where we shall, in the words of Emerson, "Trust the current that knows its way." These disturbed conditions are but the preparation the ignorant man makes for that later condition of spiritual maturity, where in Faith and Trust he "Lets the light shine;" the "Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." The Intelligence that is latent in the Soul, the Power of the God-in-man is awakening into Conscious expression.

When there is sufficient unfold-ment conditions of inharmony pass away and there is At-one-ment; our will is one with the Absolute, the Universal Will. In this condition, one is led as the Quaker and all saintly persons are, by the Inner Voice. Whittier says of that time when mankind shall recognize this Inner Voice, that above the harsh and discordant noises of the present,

A sweeter song shall then be heard, The music of the world's accord, Confessing Christ, the Inward word! That song shall swell from shore to shore, One Hope, one Faith, one Love, restore The seamless robe that Jesus wore.

This same poet also makes this excellent prayer for us all: -

Cease not Voice of holy speaking,

Teacher sent of God, be near, Whispering through the day's cool silence,

Let my spirit hear.

The Hindoo, the priest, the seer, the poet, the inventor, all have learned to listen in the Silence and what is there spoken they proclaim. In this knowledge of the Silence we are only making common property of the ancient secret of Concentration, meditation and prayer, which has ever been the methods of psychic unfoldment. An ancient occult saying is "Silence is Power I" Silence is the condition in which all power exists, and in which all power operates. Power is silent. The Hebrews spoke of God as dwelling in Silence. No one hears the rustle of the robes of Gravity as it draws earth and sun into equilibrium. There is no noise as the sun each day lifts billions of tons of water. Electricity makes no sound as it ceaselessly works amid the spheres. "When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy/' the objective world was silent; only the ear that hears in the silence heard the song of joy. The Trappist monks have this saying - "It is silence that shuts out new ideas, worldly topics and controversy.

It is silence that enables the soul to contemplate with singleness and mortification the infinite perfections of the Eternal!"

During my youth I learned this extract which has been an inspiration to me. I know not the author.

"In silence mighty things are wrought - Silently builded, thought on thought,

Truth's temple greets the sky; And like a citadel with towers The Soul with her subservient powers

Is strengthened silently."

The Bible contains many passages upon the power of silence and none more valuable than the admonition of Jesus to "Enter the closet," which I interpret, from my experience, to mean, "Close the external senses and listen to the Silence and what you hear there you shall manifest in your life." All the possibility of Demonstration in all lines of mental science must lie in the unfoldment that comes through meditation - Silence. The Hindoo mystic does this when he sits under the Bo-tree and hears nothing. Concentration in Silence is the only road to inspiration, in any of its forms of Life, Love, Truth and Power.

The Power of Silence and the Power in silence are the most important lessons the present century has to learn. Prof. William Crooks estimates that "a cubic foot of ether which fills all space has locked up within it 10,000 cubic-foot tons of energy which have as yet escaped notice. To unlock this boundless store and subdue it to the service of man is the task that awaits the scientist of the future. The later researches give well founded hopes that this store house of power is not hopelessly inaccessible!" Thus reasons the physicist; but the power he sees is both in, and of, the Silence. All these foot-tons, and all the varieties of power the scientist knows, do not exhaust the possibilities of God as Power. Science is but bringing the old conception of God into more intelligible terms.

The physical scientist is not the one who reveals God as power. The metaphysician does this, and harnesses this power to human Ego as Will. Prentice Mulford, an early New Thought teacher, said: -

The source of all strength of muscle is in your mind. Your amount of physical strength depends upon your capacity to call force to act upon whatever part of the body you choose. Forever, Spirit, Thought, means for us the same!

But all action of Mind is in silence. Not till thought finds objective expression is there any sound. Through Mind we are in touch with the Omnipotence working in silence. Through this union man possesses all, because he is but a manifestation of All, and the All is indivisible. In Silence man can learn how to use, through his intellect, the All of which he is but the conscious manifestation, directing this sub-conscious manifestation in his life. Considering that we have all of God for a reservoir, we can well ask the question with John White Chadwick: -

"Where such a wealth of perfect things How dare we ask for more."

Carlyle understood the value of Silence when he wrote to Emerson: - "Silence is the greatest thing I worship at present; almost sole tenant of my Pantheon! Let a man know rightly to hold his peace. I love to repeat to myself, 'Silence is of Eternity!"

To attain the power to listen at any time, and at all times, to the Silence, is to have unraveled the secret of the Sphynx. In her, Silence is deified and made vocal. All who have learned the secret of living through Concentration, have lifted the "Veil of Isis!" I recommend you to memorize this little poem of mine that it may lead you to Life, through Meditation.


I stood by Sphynx in desert lone.

Impassive and cold her face of stone;

Stolid and dull those ancient eyes;

Her lips refused me any tone;

Her ears were deaf as stone on shore;

Heart still as in eons before.

In awe I bowed to material guise,

Nor deemed for me the great surprise,

To greet me from those stony eyes.

Musing, I said, "All are divine!

Kin art thou to this Life of mine!

We're children both of the Infinite One!"

Then vocal became those lips of stone;

Her ear had caught my gentlest tone;

From eyes a flame of Love-light shone;

Heart beat as once to priest of yore!

I was lone no more on desert sand -

A companion held my hand.

I'd solved the riddle of all time -

The SOUL of Sphynx was one with mine.