A new commandment give I unto you: That ye love one another.

- Jesus.

Now abideth these three, Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love - Love is the fullfilling of the Law.

- Paul.

I swear I begin to see Love with sweeter spasms than that which responds to love. It is that which contains itself, which never invites and never refuses.

- Walt Whitman.

A man has two needs: that of knowing and that of loving.

- 8. Barring Gould. The lover needs no law. He'd love God quite as well Were there no heaven's rewards; no punishment of hell.

- Angelas Silesins. The verdict of this world is short, Long and vigorous its report: - To love and to be loved.

- Emerson.

Now a section the most important of all, for without Love I am "as sounding brass and tinkling symbol." So much Love so much Power.

Life is universal, but in Man Life is transmuted into human form and is Love. The only Power Thought can direct is Love. Thought is the individual expression of Life; and Love, the race or the Human expression. Love is the Absolute in the Soul. Love is in reality God, for it is the Omnipotent in Human form. Therefore so much Love so much am I a man. The subconscious Power that I direct by concentration is that form of Life, that Mode of Motion, we name, Love.

Therefore Success depends upon your having a warm heart and your radiating at all times, Love. This radiation is called improperly, "Personal magnetism." It, like magnetism, is a Mode of Motion, and it is like magnetism, one of the forms of Universal Attraction, and in its attractive power, it acts as magnetism does. But it is Love under control of the individual Ego as Will. Will directing the Life-force, which is Love, is the secret of Success. Therefore only as you love and throw yourself into your Thought will you succeed. Love as force can be diffused, expended upon a variety of things; under a variety of wishes, passions and endeavours; failure in high endeavor is the result. Sexual passion is but one way and not, by far, the most destructive. For with it does go some human feeling. But concentration upon mere business success, upon mere money getting, upon a life of mere superficial excitement; a life of mere pleasure; these in time completely absorb the Human element; are most vitiating in the making a success in Character.

For Health let your love manifest to all about you. A smile, a word of cheer, a helping hand, a generous deed, are stepping stones to success in business, in health and in happiness, because they are openings for the stream of love; are developing those radiations of personal influence that cause others to feel us, to respect us, to confide in us, and to do as we wish them to do. Cold heartless men may succeed in their special line, but they succeed at the expense of health and of the love of their fellows.

Remember, Love is Power. As such it will either use us in its blind animal way, or we will use it intelligently, as we do other forms of Power. I can give you no greater thought, were I to exhaust all language, than this. The Sub-conscious is God manifesting as Love and this Power of God is subject to Thought, the Human expression. Love can be, is to be, directed by Thought. "By my Thought, by my Auto-Suggestion I direct the expression of the Infinite Power which 1 am!' This is to be your Thought as you enter the Silence. Then the Silence becomes to you the Holy of Holies; becomes the Altar of the Most High; the inner Sanctuary where is the Ark of the Covenant which God, the Absolute, has made in the Soul.

Therefore to the extent you are in Love with Beauty will you succeed as an artist. As much as you are in love with Goodness will you be happy. As much as you are in love with Truth will you be wise.

To love what you do, is to succeed in it. To love your life is to make it a success. To love your home is to make it a happy one. To love your business is to succeed. Providing, in all these cases you have first builded a noble Ideal of all these, and Love that Ideal (which is your highest conception of God) "with all your heart and soul." "Son, give me thy heart!" success says to every man. From concentration where heart and intellect both join, comes the only success worth striving for - Happiness, Health and Supply.

Love begets Faith, and Faith begets enthusiasm; enthusiasm begets effort and effort begets success. Love is the beginning and the end of Life, and it continues a companion all the way.

Therefore the Genius of Success says to each: - "Lovest thou me?" and well for him who can truthfully say, "Lord! thou knowest that I love thee!" Then shall come the condition of proof, - "Feed my sheep."

A noble Ideal is the only possible salvation, for that is the mould into which Love flows and materializes, and the Ideal determines our success or failure. That Ideal should be no less than perfect. "I the imperfect adore my own perfect," says Emerson, and Kant says, "The execution of his whole duty and the final reaching of the goal placed before him as a work, the command is here - 'Be ye perfect?' The test of perfection is, that 'You love your neighbor as yourself."

Any thought taken into the Silence that is not born of Love is weakness and writes that weakness in all your expression. Therefore when yon love, you fulfill all Law. This is the Law and the Prophets: - "Do unto others as you would that they shall do unto you!" You wish all to act to you in Love of the Beautiful and the Good. By taking thoughts born of these loves into the Silence, by concentrating upon them you prove your love for yourself, and in that love you will love others. Richard Realf, the poet, wished written on his tomb: -

"He loved his friends, their love was sweet!"

And Leigh Hunt has for his epitaph: -

"Write me as one who loved his fellowmen!"

Such lives are successes, no matter if the grave covers much that we call error and failure. Soul Unfoldment is at last the standard. Success is attained in perfection only when we come into the Realization that we are one with Infinity. One example remains for us. "I and my Father are one!" This is Loves completeness. This is, as far as earth is concerned - Perfect Success.

When Man shall thus concentrate in Love, then shall be fulfilled the prophecy of Henry Bernard Carpenter:

Man shall not ask his brother any more "Believest thou?" but "Lovest thou?" till all Shall answer at God's altar, "Lord I love!" For Hope may anchor, Faith may steer, but Love, Great Love alone, is Captain of the Soul.