Resist not evil but overcome evil with good.

- Jesus.

The foolish have one master, that is fear.

- Old Proverb.

If you wish to become acquainted with Nature you must deal with her sincerely.

- Prof. Tyndall.

How can we secure concentration? To this question, the first and last answer must be: By interest and strong motive. The stronger the motive, the greater the concentration.

- Eustace Miller, M. D.

The one only rule I give my pupils is this - NEVER ANTAGONIZE. Elaborate this and it becomes, Never argue! Never contend! Never contradict! Never oppose! Never resist!

Resistance is pain. Antagonism creates those conditions against which you contend. Opposition but increases the evil. Contradiction breeds ill feeling. Jesus has the law thus: - "Agree with thine adversary quickly while thou art in the way with him; lest at any time he deliver thee to the judge and the judge deliver thee to officer, and thou be cast into prison!" Agree! don't resist, lest it become worse with thee. Resistance will bring an increased penalty.

Resistance is concentration upon that which you do not want. But since concentration brings into expression that upon which thought is concentrated any resistance brings to you that which you resist. This is a negative and weak condition. Antagonism is weakness. Resistance is negative. You are influenced by outside suggestions. Denials, "Don'ts," are negative.

They leave you nothing upon which to rest. Affirmations are solid foundations. For this reason say "I like!" Tell not what yon do not like. Think upon what you wish, not upon what you do not wish, for your thought is creative.

I wish you to think upon this until you can live in non-resistance, by ignoring all conditions of antagonism; by so concentrating upon the thoughts of things and conditions desired, that you will recognize no excuse for contention. No one thing in all Mental Scienc is harder to accomplish than this. It is the fulfillment of the law. "Mind your own business." .Remember the reply of Jesus to Peter when asked by him what John should do: "What is that to thee? Follow thou me I" Any argument or antagonism, is minding another's business. All persons have an equal right with yourself to think and act as prompted within. In giving them this right in your thought, you cannot resist anything they do. You will think and act your thought freely. And since Goodness, Truth and Love, are realities and are all; when you affirm these you will be powerful. To lack faith in them and to antagonize renders you negative and weak. You have separated yourself from Principle which is power.

Peter resisted and lost his ear. Jesus did not resist and was crucified! "Who is victor? - Pilate or Christ ?" Remember the motto which is constantly on the cover of NOW: - "Nerve us with incessant Affirmatives. Don't bark against the bad; but chant the beauties of the good." When you are concentrated in "chanting" you cannot bark. Which shall it be? Will you be a growler, or a chanter, in the arena of life?

So important is this attitude and yet so liable to be misunderstood that I give some illustrations. From them you may learn to apply the law. While I roomed in Topeka, Kansas, there was placed in the next room, and against the partition wall, a house organ; some one would practice on it much of the time. At first it distracted my attention and annoyed me, till suddenly it dawned upon my comprehension, that they paid rent for that room, and had the same right to play organ there, as I had to play on my typewriter; that if I minded my business and became concentrated upon it, I would not be listening to anything, and be disturbed. Now, whenever I am asked if such or such a thing does not disturb me I reply, "I do not allow myself to be." A friend who boarded where I did, was annoyed by cats under his window at night. Complaining of it to me, I asked, "What are you going to do about it?" He answered, "I have done everything I know!" I then asked, "Do you think the cats think of you? Why not treat them as they do you? They probably are about their business; you attend to yours. The room is yours; you pay rent for it and can decide what shall be done in it.

They are in their room, why not let them do as they wish in it? In other words, why not let them attend to their business while you mind yours? That is, why put your mind upon the cats and allow them to trouble you? 'None so deaf as those who will not hear.' By antagonising you magnify the trouble till you are loosing sleep and will soon be ill! Concentrate upon your sleep and pay no attention to them." After a few moments silence he said: "I see! I will!" He did not hear them thereafter.

Complaining of the weather, a friend said: "I don't see why it rains so much!" "My dear," I said, "will you fight a battle with Omnipotence? Are you setting yourself up as the superior of God? Why not leave his business to Him, and you attend to your own, which is to use the weather He makes?" "True! Forgive me! I will never complain again!"

"0, this headache! I dont see why it comes. I have been fighting it all day, denying it, and it does no good!" pitifully cried a patient. "Well, suppose you now in love agree with it. Stop fighting and begin to love the Law that caused it. The Universe is wise.

Cause and effect are divine. Love the Law. Agree with it. Denials are antagonism. 'Agree with thine adversar!' Be passive and let Love, which is the fulfilling of the law, have sway. Affirm: In love I am healed!" Soon peace of mind and relief came to her. I gave this law of non-resistance one evening in my class. The next week a very intelligent and positive lady said: "I tried the law of non-resistance in my case and it works. A week ago Sunday morning a news-boy got under my window at five o'clock, and began to call out his papers. He annoyed me till I thought how I would shake him were I out there. It so affected me that I got no more sleep. Yesterday morning he began again at the same time. For a moment the old feeling came up. Then I thought of what I had been taught and I said: 'God bless the little fellow, he is attending to his business. How smart he is to be out so early. I hope he will sell every paper!' and thinking thus I fell asleep. I felt good all day."

"I lost some money from my pocket," said a student of my books. "At first I was inclined to feel badly when the thought came, 'What is your business now? It was your business to put a guard over your money; you did not. Now is it your business to feel badly and lose the lesson, or is it your business to so learn that you may lose no more?' I decided I would not fight the inevitable, but rejoice that I had learned all that the lesson cost me/'

Learn from these how easy it is to apply the Principle of Agreement. It means "Stop fighting!" Non-resistance! Expression of faith in the All Good! Reconciliation with Divine Will, acceptance of present conditions as the best for the present. They are to be outgrown in love. "I grateful take the good I find, The best of now and here."