God alone can make the work complete, Give to Cause its perfect ending.

- The Kalevalla.

An honest heart, O Helga, of pure endeavor With Odin's runes is written, misleading never!

- Fridthjof's Saga. The power of man increases by continuing steady in one direction.

- Emerson.

One question that frequently comes to me in various forms concerns the act of concentrating upon special desires for some certain condition or thing. These questions will illustrate, and are each from either recent letter or interviews:

1. "I wish supply; shall I concentrate upon a specified sum?"

2. "I wish a companion; shall I center my thought upon any particular person?"

3. "I wish to win a prize in a lottery. How shall I concentrate?"

4. "I am a school girl; I wish to stand well in my class. How shall I think that I may win?"

5. "I wish our foot-ball team to win. How shall I use Mental Science?"

6. "I wish a certain present. Is it right for me to concentrate upon it?"

7. "I wish relief from rheumatism. How shall I affirm?"

8. "I am unhappy with my wife. Shall I demand that she become harmonious?"

9. "My son smokes cigarettes. How shall I suggest that I may break him of the habit?

First let us understand what has already been said - Build your Ideal from Principle and not from details. The ideal, after we have built it, becomes the objective actual.

The Ideal should be permanent; if built of details it must continually change. Principles alone are eternal. Then for us there is this choice: -

Either to assume that we know just what conditions and things are best for us and then concentrate upon these; or to assume that we are expressions of Intelligence that knows better than we, in our partial unfoldment, can know, and trust that Intelligence to bring that which best satisfies our desire.

Assuming the first position we shall decide just what we want and concentrate upon that and draw it. Be it money, we shall fix upon a certain sum; be it friend, upon a certain person; be it environment, we shall fix upon a certain locality; be it fame, upon a certain prize, and by constant expectation, affirmation and concentration win that we have chosen.

But every person has learned that he, or she, has not correctly measured the value of things thus coveted and won. There is still a lack. Things do not satisfy. "Tilings shall be added," said Jesus, when in Principle you gain the Power.

For this reason I advise you to assume the position, that the sub-conscious Wisdom knows better than you know in the conscious mind, what is needed for your unfoldment, and consequent happiness, and to trust that sub-conscious Wisdom to direct you to, or to draw to you, what is best, to satisfy your Ideal. By desire, give the Auto-Suggestion to Soul as to what you wish in Principle, will it only, and then let that Suggestion in the Soul bring about conditions and things to the objective man.

You know but few of the million factors that are shaping your destiny and cannot possibly judge what conditions will arise to-moroow or next year. Therefore you cannot wisely ask for things, lest they be not those which fits to-morrow's needs. Besides, from every point of the great circle of Infinity, and from the Infinite Supply, your needs can be met. To concentrate upon any one point is to close all others to you. To concentrate upon any one thing, is to keep all other things that might come, away; to concentrate upon any particular time is to close other and perhaps more fitting occasions.

With the when, where and how, I advise you not to deal. Deal with the fact that in the All-Embracing Good; - in Infinite Supply, - everything necessary for your Health, Happiness, and Prosperity already is, and all you need to do is to suggest to this All-Power through your sub-conscious life, and then to let that which you ask for come at the right time. This is the truth in the words of Jesus: - "When ye pray believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them."

This leaves you free to receive, and leaves the Power that supplies you limitless. Any concentration upon a particular thing limits the Power you ask to bring it, to that one thing.. Be limitless in your faith and know that Supply is limitless.

In light of this Principle I will briefly answer the above questions, refering to them by number:

1. Concentrate upon all you need, upon sufficiency. Use no specified amount and know that what you need will come as you need.

2. Know that in Infinite Supply the companion you need already is, and that your call will reach him (or her) and that he will come to you at the right time. Any particular person among your acquaintances is more likely not to be, than to be, the one fitted for you. With Miss Philura in the story, feel assured that he is in the All-Embracing Good, and will come at the right time.

Make ready for him in mind and environment. He will come.

3. I would affirm - If it is for my good, I shall draw a prize, - and think no more about it, I know two cases where such prizes have broken up homes and ruined characters.

4. Make your desire into the Suggestion - I have won the best place for me, - and then work conscientiously and sincerely, without anxiety or worry. Care for health; and above all seek the place with the noble motive of self unfoldment in wisdom and power, and banish all thought of competition and of envy.

5. Make in your mind the picture of success of your team without any feeling of rejoicing over the vanquished, and willing to accept the gage of battle, let the Omnipotent that works through both teams, settle the matter, and rejoice whatever may be the result. Your thought can control your life, but not the life and the expression of others: your attitude can be that of success, no matter which wins; when one has done his best, that is Success.

6. It is your privilege to do as you choose and if conscience says to you it is right - it is right. The question is - Is it best for me so to concentrate? No! for it is pure selfishness, and selfishness never- brings happiness. The best Affirmation is - If it is best for me a present will come.

7. In faith in the Divine Life within you, concentrate upon the mental picture of Health. Affirm: - Life is abundant! I have my share. The Omnipotent Life is within me and I am healed! Banish all thought of symptoms from your mind. Recognize only Life and its healthful manifestations.

8. No! give her liberty; the same liberty you demand for yourself. Make yourself harmonious. Radiate joy and gladness. Fill the home with your healthful lovevibrations and then, if she is not herself happy, yon will be. Your happiness does not depend upon her, or upon any person. It depends entirely upon your own mental state, and you can make that what you will. You have power of choice. Affirm - I depend on no person or condition. I am happy because I choose to be happy! and home atmosphere will change.

9. In your mind free him from the habit and give him liberty. If you depend upon the Power of Thought to cure him, never chide nor call attention to the habit. Suggest to him from the Ideal you hold for him. Concentrate upon this mental picture of freedom and all your conduct and speech will be from that. "I am glad to notice that you are out-growing the habit," is a wise Suggestion.

From the Principle from which these answers arise each person can for himself get a solution to his problems. The Principle never fails. Trust it! Think from it!Affirm from it! Suggest from it! You thus become that which you think.

The principal factor in Self-Mastery through Concentration, is the formation of a mental picture of that which is desired. Mental imagery is the one creative power of man. Make this picture and then, despite all seeming evil, amid all discouragement, cling to it as to an objective reality and you make conditions for it to become that reality.

I am that which I think I am. Because I made the picture and the sub-conscious is obliged to manifest in the form I made.