Buddha appealed himself only to what we should call the Inner Light.

- Max Muller.

Do your work, respecting the excellence of the work, and not its acceptableness. This is so much economy as that, rightly read, it is the sum of economy. Profligacy consists not so much in spending years of your time or chests of money, - but in spending them off the line of your career. The crime which bankrupts men and states is job-work; declining from your main design, to serve a turn here and there. Nothing is beneath you, if it is in the direction of your life; nothing is great or desirable if it is off from that.

- Emerson in "Conduct of Life."

It is' well to have some definite methods for practice in the beginning but there is a danger that I warn you of, and that is that you will grow to consider them a necessity. Beware of this.

Use them for self-development. Remember that you will soon outgrow them. I give them to be outgrown. But use them until you can concentrate without these preliminary steps.

First - Study yourself. Understand your own mental conditions. See where you are positive and where negative in your thought. All thoughts of any lack in yourself; all thoughts of want; all tendencies to complain, wish., or find fault with yourself; all criticisms, regrets and self condemnation; all thoughts of inability to cope with any condition; all thoughts of shrinking, avoiding, fearing any person, thing or condition; all thoughts of reliance upon friends, money, position, reputation or culture; all thoughts of any assistance from without yourself; all these are thoughts of weakness.

They have no drawing power. They are non-attractive; produce mental conditions that are a lack of what is called "personal magnetism," but which is only a lack of those character-radiations that create success.

Study yourself and see how much you concentrate upon such thoughts. Realize how much they influence your life; how much time you waste in thinking them over and over; how much you diffuse power in this worry, fear, fret and complaint. This is riding the hobby horse of childhood, ride all day and you are not an inch further on your way. This method of using thought is but mental gum-chewing; disgusting to the observer and destructive of all healthful mental digestion.

Where you learn that you have been holding a thought of these kinds, immediately change to its opposite. Study the tables on pages 36 and 37 in "Self-Healing" and concentrate upon the opposite thought.

If you have held thoughts of failure, of want, change them at once to thoughts of possession. Never think want! Never wish for anything, for you, as Spirit, possess all in potentiality, as the egg possesses all the songs the bird shall sing. Turn your attention to this germ within, and claim possession, and in concentration give it an opportunity for expression. Concentration is mental incubation. Brood over the desire as a present reality, as the mother bird broods over the egg. She knows by instinct that the chick is there and by brooding she brings it into expression. In the faith of reason and instinct which you possess, brood over that which you know is, and which you, by Affirmation, have called forth, until you see it with eye and touch it with hand. Take what Lowell says of this bird-condition as your own, and sing:

His mate feels the eggs beneath her wings And the heart in her dumb breast flutters and sings. He sings to the wide world, and she to her nest, - In the nice ear of Nature, which song is the best?

For this reason whenever you are inclined to say "I want!" think - "I possess!" and seek, and you shall find it within. Then let it out.

Feel that you thus have; others then will feel the same, for you will radiate those vibrations of power that cause them to feel, to believe in you, and to act under those feelings. This is "Personal magnetism," and it is but the concentrated rays of the whole man turned to one purpose through concentrating upon one thought. And thought is the directing power of all Life's vibrations. As I think, so my radiations are. When I think diffusively my radiations are diffusive, and people do not feel, do not recognize me. I make them feel by shooting my vibrations from the chamber of Concentration. Then the projectile is felt. Otherwise the powder flashes in the universal, and the projectile lies in the magazine of the soul.

Feel, and you make others feel. This is the law. Be a dynamo and the currents will flow. Feeling is the power which thought direscts. Therefore cultivate the power to feel. Enthusiasm is its name in conduct. Be enthusiastic. This can all be done in silence. But FEEL enthusiastic when you are in silence, and then Power, concentrated Power, will go on the line, over the wires of your thought, to create success. "Mean business!" and feel business when you think.

This power to feel, this feeling of power, this sense of possession, characterizes all great characters of history. We credit it to personal magnetism. But it is character. Emerson says of certain great men in his essay upon "Character," "The larger part of their power was latent. This is character - a reserved force which acts directly by presence and without means!" This reserve force creates success, wherever success is found. Therefore will you succeed, create this reserve power. It is done by concentration, by patience, by entering the Silence with the consciousness of possession and there letting your whole personality be filled. "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled!" is the promise. Enter the silence of meditation with sincere desire, with "an earnest and contrite heart," and you shall be filled with power to bring into manifestation that which you have in silence affirmed.

Here is the Law as laid down in my first book "How to Control Fate through Suggestion," and time has enabled me only to enter into a deeper realization that it is the one and only Law of Success. Build for yourself a perfect Ideal! Think from that Ideal as a present reality! Affirm that Ideal a present reality! Suggest from that Ideal as a present reality! Act from that Ideal as a present reality! And it becomes to you a present reality.

It may be briefly stated thus: - Think, speak and act just as you wish to be, and you will be that which you wish to be.

Those who thus think become that which they think, because the Law of Life is: I am that which I think. To think is to be! Destroy my thinking power and I am destroyed. Therefore the only thing I have to do to control my life is to control my thoughts and think - Control! Concentrate upon the thought of Self-Mast-ery. Self-control is the keystone of character. Faith in Self the source of personal magnetism; the source of power; the source of success. Therefore the first thing to cultivate is faith in Self. Affirmation to use: - I believe in myself as the source of Truth Love, Wisdom and Power. Concentrate upon this thought and then "look within."

Read Emerson's "Self-Reliance" and commit to memory the passage commencing, "Trust thyself! Every heart beats in unison with that iron string!" Also mem-orize and use this quatrain of Mrs. Helen Wilman's: -

He who dares assert the I,

May calmly wait,

While hurrying Fate Meets his demands with sure supply!