My peace I leave with you.

- Jesus. But when the heart is full of din, And doubt beside the portal waits, They can but listen at the gates And hear the household jar within.

- Tennyson.

Right is Right, since God is God, And Right the day must win!

To doubt would be disloyalty! To falter would be sin.

- Old Hymn.

Where concentration is, there is a mental peace. Unrest denotes a mind wandering and unstable. Therefore would you have reflected from the sub-conscious storehouse of wisdom into the consciousness, the wisdom for the moment, there must be mental quiet. In this quietness the mind becomes like a still lake and the light within is so reflected that you know what to do. Concentration means peace of mind. Seek this condition for success in any undertaking. A good way to seek this is to concentrate upon some passage of literature that has quieting power. The story of Jesus stilling the tempest illustrates the power of the soul to still the storms of the mental life. Think, "Peace be still," and hold the mind upon some passage of quieting verse or text. I find myself repeating verses long ago memorized, and as it has been my habit from youth to memorize poems, there is always in my mind one ready for the occasion. If you will memorize the following stanzas, or passages at beginning of sections in this book, they will bring that mental poise which will prepare you for any particular thought you may wish to hold. Many have found in this stanza of Whit-tier's power to help them and out of the maddening mazes of life to bring peace of mind.

You will find John Burroughs, "Waiting" helpful and from the volumes of NOW, you will be able to cull Affirmations and stanzas that will give this mental quietude.

Amid the maddening maze of things

And tossed by storm and flood, To one fixed trust my spirit clings -

I know tnat God is good.

This stanza from one of my poems may suit those who have any objection to the word "God."

Trust is now brooding in my heart As thus I float o'er Passions's grave,

I'm Spirit and of All-Life part. As such unmoved by wind or wave.

Affirmations of peace and of restfulness are always to precede any special Affirmation, for until Peace of mind is reached, there can be no concentration. Therefore the Affirmation - I am peace - is recommended. The words of one of Mrs. Scott's "Truth Songs" will help you as you repeat, hum or sing them:

God is peace; (or - I am Peace.)

That Peace surrounds me. In that Peace I safely dwell.

'Tis above, beneath, within me, Peace is mine and all is well;

God is Peace, sweet Peace! God is Peace, pure Peace!

That Peace is mine - mine - And all is well.

Keep repeating the thought of peace, till peace is yours. When once you have attained self-mastery in this direction, you can follow it up successfully in all others. Can affirm; Health, Happiness, Success, or any desire as a present reality.