Resolve to be thyself; and know that he Who finds himself loses his misery.

- Matthew Arnold.

No longer forward nor behind

I look in hope or fear; But grateful take the good I find,

The best of now and here.

- Whittier.

Our efficiency consists so much in our concentration, that nature usually in the instances where a marked man is sent into the world, overloads him with bias, sacrificing symmetry to working power.

- Emerson.

People have interpreted Concentration to mean a kind of worrying over some "ideal" - a mental treatment has been understood as a strained holding of a certain thought - will-power has been looked upon as bulldog tenacity. Instead of all this mental wear and tear, let us now ascend to the throne of Faith and Love, and with cheerfulness and self-reliance build better conditions.

Instead of holding on so tightly, why not let go - give a chance for the expression of the infinite potencies. The control of one's thoughts should be undertaken easily - no impatience - no hurry - no strain. What is there to strive for? We are now heirs to celestial conditions; happiness is immediately ours if we will let go, if we will keep quiet, keep quiet. - Fred Bury.

Understand that peace of mind will not allow you to be anxious, or fearful, or timid, or rigid; will not allow any thought of doubt of the righteousness of your conduct. You can hold no "must" over yourself.

"I do this because I like to do it!" is the true spirit.

In this spirit you can relax; throw off all care and simply let the thought, which for the time you have chosen, have its way through and over you.

In applying these, or any directions do not think any serious loss will be yours if you do not obey them. Never rigidly hold to them. If you do not use them, you only place yourself where the boy is who prefers play to dinner and goes without. You are to give yourself perfect liberty, cast aside all fears and then - trust. In this mental state, select that portion of time you can readily give to Silence, be it ten minutes, or an hour. When you have selected it, make it as much your business to attend to it, as you would to attend the lesson of the professor you have engaged for music or painting lessons. Be as prompt to an appointment with yourself, as to one with a friend.

Sincerity demands this. Reasonable excuses will be accepted here as elsewhere, but neglect will tell upon your unfoldment. It is your business at this hour. "Attend to business in business hours." Failure to feel the importance of punctuality, and failure to realize the importance of time and effort here, are the great cause of the many not attaining the power of the Silence.

Having chosen the time, select the place. It should be away from all other persons if possible, in a room by yourself, where you can have external quiet. But when you have mastered, you will enter Silence anywhere, at any time. Alone or in midst of a crowd. To be able anywhere and at any time to concentrate upon a chosen thing is to be your purpose.

If you cannot have a room by yourself, then give yourself the Affirmations silently wherever you are. The hymn says:-

"Should holy thoughts come o'er thee "When friends are round thy way,

E'en then the silent breathings Thy spirit sends above,

Will reach his throne of glory, Who is mercy, truth and love."

Having selected time and room, take a restful position, one of perfect bodily ease. Not a lazy or careless one, but one of perfect relaxation; relaxation for a purpose. Let go of all thoughts of material things, including body, home, business, and friends. Draw a few long breaths with the thought: - I am resting. I am peaceful.

Fix your mind upon yourself as a Divine Being; as a manifestation of the One Universal Principle that fills all space and time. Think of yourself thus as a child of the One, possessing infinite possibilities. Affirm: - I have power to do and to be whatever I wish to do and be. See yourself perfect, because you are this child of the Infinite. Make yourself in thought one with All-that-is. Affirm:- I AM ONE WITH INFINITE LIFE AND WISDOM.

When you become perfectly peaceful, take the special thought you desire to have manifest. If you are there to rid yourself of illness take this thought: - In the One I possess all life. I now let Life manifest in perfect health. I am Life and in the life of the One, I am healed.

N. B. - You are not to be particular about the form of words. Take the thought in any form of words you choose. It is not the words but the Thought, that I wish you to receive. It is not the words but Thought that direct the Sub-Conscious Power. Also remember it is not the thought that heals or does any work. Your body was built before you were capable of thinking. The Power that heals, or gives success, is the Power that built your body, and that Power, is the Universal Life. But since you are a self-conscious individual, your thought directs the Life into the mental mould you make for it, in your Imagination. Therefore all you have to care for is your Thought. You "press the mental button" and Life does the rest.

If your desire is success in any particular line, create a mental image of success. Do not try to see how, or when, it will manifest, but in faith create it and as you wish it to be know that since you have created it in thought, it will manifest. Use the thought in this Affirmation: - I am a manifestation of Infinite Wisdom and I possess the power and the knowledge to bring success. I now decree for myself success. It is now mine and will manifest. I am success.

Whatever be the desire of the hour, in like manner think upon it, and know that through mental concentration it does manifest. Forget time and way, and expect it to come at the right time, in the right way. It will be there at that time.

This is in a great degree but a repetition of a previous section, I know, but you need it. I am writing a textbook.

Do not try to think. After you have decided what the thought is, you are to make no effort, but are to give yourself up to it, and let it think for you. When the boy whistled in school, over the discovery of the mistake in his problem and was chided, he replied, truthfully: - "It whistled itself" Let your thought do the whistling while you simply enjoy the session. Soon Life will pulse through you; will fill your Being. You will have a sense of interior power. Gradually a sweet peace will steal over you, and you will sense the Infinite Mind thinking in you; the Infinite Life vibrating in you; the Infinite Love, loving in you and Infinite Wisdom guiding in you. Life, Love, and Strength will fill your entire being. If you sink into unconsciousness, do not fear. Let any condition come and go at will. If you have set any time for your seance, you will come back to the objective life at that time.- Passivity, you must have. When the thought entirely possesses you, you are entirely oblivious of the objective life; you have no attention for anything else but the "letting" process, - letting Life, Love, and Truth fill you.

Every day no matter where you are, whenever any thought in antagonism to the selected one would come into your mind, affirm the thoughts you have chosen. They will bring the desired condition. Overcome any ill thought with the use of a good one and you will soon grow into the power of controlling your thoughts. This is health; this is success. Mind, - You must grow. "Consider the lilies," when hereafter you ask "How?" - "They grow!"