It is the same Force in the human breast, That makes us gods or demons. If we gird Those strong emotions by which we are stirred With might of will and purpose, heights unguessed Shall dawn for us. Or if we give them sway We can sink down and consort with the lost.

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The truth is that really all have untold treasures of power locked in their inner being. In fact all are millionaires, but their priceless treasures will remain useless to them, till some one informs them of their own possessions and hands them the key with which to unlock them.

- E. D. Babbitt.

Though, at the expense again of repetition I add here and in the following sections, some extracts from my "Mail Course in The Art of Living." This art of controling one's self which we call "Voluntary Concentration/' is not merely learning, it is living; and to live this Principle means that there must be repetition, "line upon line" till the thought becomes a part of the whole mental man, as the food of the morning has become in results, part of the physical man. In as many ways as possible, I am repeating the simple principle of Human-control, of Self-control through Concentration, which is only control through Auto-Suggestion.

I wish to clear from your mind the confusion that exists in the minds of many students along New Thought lines as to the meaning and the use of this term Concentration. This thought take with you: - you do concentrate. But it is the concentration of habit, a habit created by necessity. All successful men win through concentration, but it is a concentration that costs them the pleasure of living. Business attention is concentration. Business care follows them home, absorbs the domestic virtues. It follows them to church and deadens the sound of sermon and hymn. It follows to theater, and obstructs the view of stage. It follows to bed and prevents sleep. This is concentration. Through habit, it has become involuntary. When any concentration becomes wearisome, when we wish it would leave us, it has then become unwholesome. Thoughts connected with limitations will so become. Any thought limited to the external, when held long, will cause weariness of the flesh. Business men, professional men, are prone to let their thought born of necessity rule them. Success in any sense cannot be his who does not rule himself, that is, does not choose his thoughts.

Involuntary concentration is slavery, is disease and death.

Voluntary concentration is mastery, is health. Concentration upon a thought you chose and then laying it aside and taking up another, is Self-Control, is POWER. Concentration is only Paying Attention to a Chosen Thought, paying Attention to the thought you have chosen for the time. To illustrate: - A procession passes the window. I see it, but pay no particular attention to any one person. Something attracts my attention and, to that particular thing or person, I direct my attention and I see only that. My attention is concentrated upon that and it absorbs my whole thought. I know, however, that the procession is passing. I may later recall much that passed. That is a secondary attention. All that passes before the eye is photographed upon the psychic sense, so that, while the conscious mind is paying attention to one person, the sub-conscious is paying attention to all that is present. To concentrate, is to let the conscious will hold to the one thought out of the procession of thoughts that are all the time passing in the mind. Other thoughts will be there. It is impossible to make the mind a blank, but it is possible to notice only that which you choose of what passes through it.

It is possible to choose a thought and to so hold it before consciousness that no other is present with us. This is the case in all excitement. Fear is concentration upon the thought of fear; pain, upon the thought of pain; grief, upon grief; worry, upon something that causes intense anxiety. What the man does thus instinctively, he can do under intelligent direction. In learning concentration, you are learning to supplant instinct by self-control. Instinct is control by the Absolute, by race-thought. Concentration, as we now use it. is control of the manifestation of life by the Individual will. To attain this control, it is first necessary to believe it possible. Where this belief is, next is the declaration that you will learn it. Having so determined, you can develop it. "Where there is a will, there is a way." When you determine to so develop, you will make effort, you will do. Effort requires time. These steps and intermediary ones you will follow. Failures come from wishes ,temporary likes, but never fro inreal desires. Do you desire it? Then you will make effort and will win. If you only wish, the desire for something else will overshadow your wish. Convert a mere wish into a desire and LET the Desire take possession of you and lead you to its own expression.

Put no conscious effort upon any desire. Hold to it in faith and it will manifest. The danger is that you will try too hard. The chief thing that causes failure in all psychic attempts is that the person tries too hard. You are ever to remember that you are to LET the Current have its way through you. You can guide it by your Affirmation, but you are to know that it will run in the channel of Suggestion without effort on your part. Negative to the Soul, positive to all externals, is the law. "Trust the current that knows its way," is Emerson's direction. "Thy will be done," is Jesus'. "Float with hand on helm," is my direction. "TRUST" is the word.