Experimental Psychology and its Bearing upon Culture. London and New York, 1903.

Psychology of the Religious Life, London and New York, 1911.

Theophrastus and the Greek Physiological Psychology before Aristotle. London and New York, 1917.

Riverside Educational Monographs


Andress's The Teaching of Hygiene in the Grades

Atwood's The Theory and Practice of the Kindergarten

Bailey's Art Education

Betts's New Ideals in Rural Schools

Betts's The Recitation

Bloomfield's Vocational Guidance of Youth

Cabot's Volunteer Help to the Schools

Cole's Industrial Education in the Elementary School

Cooley's Language Teaching in the Grades

Cubberley's Changing Conceptions of Education

Cubberley's The Improvement of Rural Schools

Dewey's Interest and Effort in Education

Dewey's Moral Principles in Education

Dooley's The Education of the Ne'er-Do-Well

Earhart's Teaching Children to Study

Eliot's Education for Efficiency

Eliot's Concrete and Practical in Modern Education

Emerson's Education

Evans's The Teaching of High School Mathematics

Fairchild's The Teaching of Poetry in the High School

Fiske's The Meaning of Infancy

Freeman's The Teaching of Handwriting

Haliburton and Smith's Teaching Poetry in the Grades

Hartwell's The Teaching of History

Haynes's Economics in the Secondary School

Hill's The Teaching of Civics

Horne's The Teacher as Artist

Hyde's The Teacher's Philosophy

Jenkins's Reading in the Primary Grades

Judd's The Evolution of a Democratic School System

Kendall and Stryker's History in the Elementary Grades

Kilpatrick's The Montessori System Examined

Leonard's English Composition as a Social Problem

Lewis's Democracy's High School

Maxwell's The Observation of Teaching

Maxwell's The Selection of Textbooks

Meredith's The Educational Bearings of Modern Psychology

Palmer's Ethical and Moral Instruction in the Schools

Palmer's Self-Cultivation in English

Palmer's The Ideal Teacher

Palmer's Trades and Professions

Perry's Status of the Teacher

Prosser's The Teacher and Old Age

Russell's Economy in Secondary Education

Smith's Establishing Industrial Schools

Snedden's The Problem of Vocational Education

Stockton's Project Work in Education

Stratton's Developing Mental Power

Suzzallo's The Teaching of Primary Arithmetic

Suzzallo's The Teaching of Spelling

Swift's Speech Defects in School Children

Terman's The Teacher's Health

Thorndike's Individuality

Tuell's The Study of Nations

Weeks's The People's School

General Educational Theory

Averill: Psychology for Normal Schools

Freeman: Experimental Education

Freeman: How Children Learn

Freeman: The Psychology of the Common Branches

Perry: Discipline as a School Problem

Smith: An Introduction to Educational Sociology

Thomas: Training for Effective Study

Waddle: An Introduction to Child Psychology

History of Education Cubberley: The History of Education Cubberley: A Brief History of Education Cubberley: Readings in the History of Education Cubberley: Public Education in the United States

Administration and Supervision of Schools

Ayres, Williams, Wood: Healthful Schools Cubberley: Public School Administration Cubberley: Rural Life and Education HoaG and Terman: Health Work in the Schools Monroe: Measuring the Results of Teaching Monroe, DeVoss, Kelly: Educational Tests and Measurements Nutt. The Supervision of Instruction Rugg: Statistical Methods Applied to Education Sears: Classroom Organization and Control ShoWalter: A Handbook for Rural School Officers Terman: The Hygiene of the School Child Terman: The Measurement of Intelligence Terman: The Intelligence of School Children