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How To Study And Teaching How To Study


Professor of Elementary Education, Teachers College Columbia University

Every teacher, student, and parent should read this book, - perhaps the most fundamentally important educational book that has recently appeared.

Some of the questions which are fully and helpfully answered in the book:

Why young people have not been learning to study effectively.

The changes necessary to be made in the schools in order that they may learn to study properly.

How the large amount of waste in home study can be prevented.

How adults should study.

To what extent children have the native capacity and experience necessary for fruitful study.

What can be done towards teaching even the youngest children to form the right habits of study.

Problems Of Conduct By Durant Drake

Professor of Philosophy, Vassar College

An Introductory Survey of Ethics

The Boston Transcript says: "It is the great merit of Professor Drake's book that it moves always in a concrete sphere of life as we daily live it. It never moralizes, it never lays down obiter dicta, it simply talks over with us our personal problems precisely as a keen, experienced, and always sympathetic friend might do. Through and through scientific and scholarly, it is never academic in method and matter."

Problems Of Religion By Durant Drake

This book, like Professor Drake's Problems of Conduct, represents a course of lectures given for several years to undergraduates of Wesleyan University. Their aim is to give a rapid survey of the field, such that the man who is confused by the chaos of opinions on these matters, and himself but little able to judge between conflicting statements, may here get his bearings and see his way to stable belief and energetic action.