The Vocational Guidance of Youth, by Meyer Bloomfield

A monograph by the former Director of the Vocation Bureau of Boston.

Youth, School, and Vocation, by Meyer Bloomfield

A first-hand presentation of the meaning and work of the vocational guidance movement.

Choosing a Vocation, by Frank Parsons

This book is an indispensable manual for every vocational counselor.

The Problem of Vocational Education, by David Snedden

The author is one of the leaders in the movement for the closer adaptation of public schools to the actual needs of youth.

Prevocational Education, by Frank M. Leavitt and Edith Brown

The first authoritative book to tell how the public schools may prepare pupils to select wisely the work to which they are best adapted.

The People's School, by Ruth Mary Weeks

A statement regarding the vocational training movement in this country and abroad.

Vocations for Girls, by Mary A. Laselle and Kathe-rine Wiley

Information as to conditions of work and the opportunities in the more common vocations open to girls with only a high-school education.

Vocational Education, by David Snedden, Ruth Mary Weeks, and Ellwood P. Cubberley

A combination of three volumes from the Riverside Educational Monographs treating different phases of vocational education, - theory, administration, and practice.

Principles and Methods of Industrial Education, by William H. Dooley

This is a book for use in teacher training classes. There is an Introduction by Charles A. Prosser.

Industrial Education, by Albert H. Leake

A study and criticism of the opportunities provided for the education of the industrial worker.

Establishing Industrial Schools, by Harry Bradley Smith

A practical discussion of the steps to be taken in establishing industrial schools.