Symbols frequently of a religious nature, have formed the basis of Talismans and Charms from earliest times, holding a very important place in the affairs of humanity, for symbolism was a power before civilisation was evolved, and by its recognition of a certain order in physical affairs it was undoubtedly a great factor in the establishment of human laws. In modern religions this law is recognised by the use of each symbol in accordance with the character of ceremonial worship, colour also playing a very important part in the service.

Too frequently one hears a religion condemned as idolatrous because its God or Gods were typified in human or animal form. That it was the virtue the figure represented, and not the figure itself that was venerated, is ignored; but Christians would be indignant if the use of the Lamb and Eagle as symbols in their services caused them to be accused of idolatrous worship of these emblems!

The force of the Spirit behind the symbol is very apparent with regard to the Cross, as may be understood when we think of the martyrs who have endured unflinchingly the most excruciating tortures human brain could devise, holding fast to their faith by this symbol.

The savage had his Totem, which he believed gave him certain virtues, and helped him to success in his combats and in his struggle for existence.

Those of our readers who have any knowledge of Astrology and Planetary influences will readily understand the sympathy between any metal, or stone, ruled by any particular planet, and any person coming under the influence of that planet.

In the writing of the philosophers and Alchemists of the Middle Ages directions are given that these Talismans should be made, or commenced, under favourable aspects, so that the Work may receive the vitalising rays proceeding from the planet represented.