Beloved Immortal Atman!
Blessed Seeker after Truth!

Om Namo Narayanaya! Om Sri Durgayai Namah!

May the Divine Mother bless you with health, happiness, all auspiciousness and supreme blessedness! May Her Divine Grace shower upon you always and bestow upon you long life, prosperity, success in all undertakings and unhampered progress in the path of Dharma and Virtue and Divine Realisation. May Her Shakti enable you to overcome the dark and adverse forces in life, bring about joy and plenty and crown your life with Spiritual Illumination, Bliss Divine and Supreme Peace. May you live a life triumphant, conquering all obstacles and come out victorious.

You are on the eve of a great period of national worship, a worship of the Divine Mother. The ten days of Durga Puja will soon commence and will lift the hearts of millions of people all over India into a higher level of devotion, religious fervour, faith and worshipfulness. Upon the night of the 4th will start this annual worship and on the 13th will be the great vijaya, the day of VICTORY. Defeatist mentality, frustration, dejection, pessimism and failure-oriented living should all take to their heels and vanish upon this great and auspicious day. Let there be the upsurge of the new hope and new vitality and a new spirit in our national life and in your own life, too. May you enter into a new life upon Vijayadasami day.

Upon the rising tide of fervent devotion let the inner and outer life of this country rise into an exalted plane of purposeful endeavour, of resolute will and all-round achievement. More than ever before we all need today the Shakti of the Divine Mother. The course of current events has to change giving place to the positive, constructive and progressive era in the immediate future. Let us therefore, invoke, in one voice, the Mother's Divine benediction. In a single united prayer from Northmost Himalayas to Kanya Kumari and from Eastmost Assam to our Western limits let our aspiring hearts rise up to the feet of the Divine Mother, so as to draw Her Grace upon this land.

May you all see the Divine Mother visibly embodied in Bharatavarsha, the great Mother in Whose lap our Culture and Civilisation has been cradled for centuries past. Bharat-Mata is Divine Mother, personified. Join to make a strong, united and loving brotherhood in the worshipful service and love of this Motherland. Work together to make this land a land of peace, a land of wisdom, a land of plenty and a land of Universal Love. Build up a Sharatavarsha that becomes a force for good among the world of nations. Among yourself be united. Feel the unity of your culture. The great disease of modern mankind is the emphasising of differences and the forgetting of the unifying factor. Be cured of this disease. Stress not upon diversity. See the unity underlying apparent superficial diversity. Your heritage is one. Your view of life is one. Your common aspiration must bring you closer and unite you into oneness. Then alone Bharatavarsha can fulfil the ideal of Lokahita, the ideal of Viswa-kalyana and Manav- seva. In doing this verily you would be worshiping Divine Mother Durga or Parvati Whose living presence is manifest in the Motherland. India needs Mother's grace more than ever before at this present moment, this time. Do not approach Her with your little personal prayer. Do not ask Her of fulfilment of petty selfish desire. Rather may your 9 days' worship be dedicated to the cause of the welfare of the entire nation, pray for all humanity. May your worship be dedicated for the release of Bharatavarsha from her present afflictions. May your worship of the Mother be dedicated to the cause of National unity, cultural brotherhood and welfare of the entire land. This achievement of unity, brotherhood and common-weal would be your greatest victory rather than gain against any other country or people. Make effort in the right direction. Unify. Unify. Unify. May Divine Mother bless you.

O blessed Mother of the Universe! O compassionate Mother, deign to cast Thine eye of mercifulness and love upon suffering humanity. I implore Thee Mother with folded hands to grant that all mankind may have peace and happiness. I bow at Thy feet and beseech Thee to bring to an end all hatred, enmity, war and violence. May there be peace on earth. Grant that all those in sorrow, pain and suffering may be relieved of their distress and obtain comfort, joy and well-being. Grant to man the light of better understanding so that he may cast aside greed and selfishness and walk the path of virtue. Fill his heart with the spirit of service and spontaneous love for all beings. Guide Thou his footsteps along the path of wisdom and goodness so that mankind may soon move into a brighter tomorrow of harmony, concord, mutual tolerance, co-operation and spiritual oneness in God. May man cast out evil tendencies from his nature and adopt the rule of Dharma and virtue in his conduct and his dealings! Universal Mother, draw away erring man from the path of self-destruction and genocide into the path of Divine Life of Truth, Purity and Universal Love. Upon my knees in worshipfulness and fervent prayerfulness I call upon Thee Mother to take mankind towards Peace, Happiness and Blessedness. Victory to Thee! Mother; May Thy divine might triumph over all that is unspiritual and un-divine and ungodly. May this world become a house of joy for Thy Children to dwell in and to work for their destined goal of spiritual perfection. May love prevail in the hearts of all! May justice and compassion impel their hands to right action. May Your Presence be felt by all and at all times. Glory be to Thee! Hail, Hail to Thee O Glorious Mother of the Universe!

Beloved and blessed Children of the Divine Mother, live divinely in a way worthy of your Mother both as the invisible Universal Self, as well as the visible Bharata Mata. The way to peace and happiness lies not through falsehood, greed and selfishness but in truth, simplicity and selflessness. Virtue leads to happiness. Where there is deliberate adoption of evil ways of living and acting great pain and sorrow result. Decline of virtue is the source of sorrow. Natural calamities come as the direct consequence of evil ways. The universal law of cause and effect should not be ignored. This law is not only for the individual but to whole groups, entire societies and to nations as well. To cherish and inculcate and encourage virtuous living is the greatest service of the motherland. The rule of virtue as a social code of conduct should be adopted over the entire country and the same should be taught systematically as a Science of Life in all educational institutions in the form of a specific subject in the syllabus in all universities throughout India. In this lies the salvation of this country. This alone will make our reverence of Goddess Saraswati true and significant. Do not confine your concept of the great Mother Vidya-Dayini merely to History or to Algebra and Geography nor to Botany and Biology. They are like accumulation of zeroes minus the positive factor of the Science of Life implied by Dharma Shastra. Man must first be taught how to live like a noble and ideal human being. Then other forms of knowledge add to his happiness and progress. Otherwise lacking the gift of humanity all other knowledge runs the risk of perversion and misuse. This very knowledge then becomes the root of suffering and the cause of self-destruction. Let Dharma Shastra therefore take its rightful place in our social and national life. Let Dharma Shastra become part and parcel of education which is being given to the growing generation. This alone will be guarantee tomorrow of national stability and order, in the place of the instability and disorder today. Man creates conditions and circumstances according to his nature and behaviour. His nature and behaviour are moulded by right education. Right education creates character, refinement and culture. Character and true culture are the only true safeguards against varnished barbarism. Let education, therefore, be illumined with ethics and become a process of character-building and of man-making. Let education create a decent and dignified generation which in its turn would effectively create a stable and progressive society that would lead the nation into a bright future. Let us invoke the aid of God that our prayer may be realised in coming days.

Beloved Atman, this is your sacred mission in life, - to promote virtue in all fields of your society, in which you live and move, as a responsible citizen and an individual benefiting from the society and its wealth. As a member of this spiritual institution and as a true follower of our worshipful Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji you must raise aloft the great principles of service, devotion and spiritual idealism. You must raise your voice in the cause of righteousness. You must strive ceaselessly to live in truth, purity and selfless love and service. You must ceaselessly strive to propagate these virtues through your life and labours. Thus I urge you to be earnest, purposeful and dynamic in Divine Life. May God bless you.

May the Grace of Divine Mother enable you to victoriously achieve this noble mission of living and spreading Divine Life through the sincere and persistent combined efforts of you all. May truth, righteousness and goodness emerge triumphant for the highest good of all.

Wishing you joy, peace and blessedness and with my warmest regards,

Yours in Gurudev
Swami Chidananda
1st October, 1967

Sivanandashram Letter No. XLVI