Salutations to you all, from this sacred Samadhi Shrine of Sri Satgurudev. The holy name of Sivananda has filled the Ashram with its solemn sound this day as devout disciples and devotees congregated for this most auspicious Puja of the Guru. The heavens blessed the day with heavy downpour of rain. A period of serene silent meditation in the early morning attuned the hearts and minds of the earnest seekers with the holy Spiritual presence of Gurudev. Peace and calm pervaded the morning hour. After sunrise, at 8-30 A.M. the principal Puja to Gurudev through His sacred Samadhi commenced with auspicious Abhisheka, Archana with deep devotion, Alankara with profusion of flowers and garlands and Arati. Lord Gurunatheswar Siva shone radiantly with the beautiful silvered Seshanaga and Prabhavli presented by the devotees of Rasipuram. It was a glorious sight. The soft marbled beauty of the Samadhisthan was brought out more fully by the colourful floral adornments. The Divinity of Gurudev was felt in all hearts.

25 and 26th: The earnest Sadhana has now commenced. Prayer for world welfare and silent Meditation occupies the early morning hour. Worship, Japa, Kirtan, Bhajan, Sravan, Swadhyaya keep all devotees continuously absorbed in God-Remembrance and prayerful mood. They are finding it verily a period of spiritual renewal and revitalization. I have no doubt that most of you too, who have not come to Ashram, have been carrying out a similar programme of Spiritual Sadhana, inward contemplation and worship in the holy memory of Gurudev. Taking advantage of this wave of worshipfulness, seekers all over the world are renewing their inner contacts with their Holy Master Sivananda. As I write these lines my prayers are going out to you, to one and all of you, that the Grace of the Divine and the choicest blessings of Gurudev Sivananda may be showered upon each one of you in abundance. May you all now enter into a new life of spiritual Blessedness rich with higher Experiences.

The nation will now turn its heart and mind towards the great ideal of the land, namely, the resplendent Lord Krishna. For on the 30th August we shall celebrate the joyous Krishna Janmashtami Day. Krishna is the Divine Darling of millions of devout hearts. Contemplation of His life is a soul-purifying Spiritual exercise, at once sublime and blissful. Turn to the lofty message of the Lord, the Gita Sandesha of unattached living and selfless loving services unto all beings. Adopt His admonition of constant God awareness during all your activities.

Remember - maam anusmara, mayi eva mana aadhatsva, mayi buddhim niveshaya - root yourself in God and perform all activities with joy. May Lord Krishna bless you.

At the time of the sacred Maha Puja during the Punyatithi Aradhana day (2nd August), I shall remember you all and offer flowers to Gurudev on your behalf. I shall take extra dips in the holy Gauge for your sake when I bathe upon that most auspicious Day. I shall do Parikrama around the holy Samadhi Shrine thinking of you all. About this worship, in my next letter. Until then Jai Gurudev.

My regards, Prem and Pranams,

Swami Chidananda.
July 1964

Sivanandashram Letter No. XII