A Full and Clear Expose of the Great Art of Money Making and Gaining Success In Life.

Showing the secrets of prosperity in business, the ways of making money practiced by the successful men of the world, how fortunes may be made in business and speculations, and pointing out the many sources of employment, of making a living, of doing well, or of getting rich, which are ever open to all, no matter how "hard the times" or how " hard up" they may be !

Nearly 300 pages, Paper covers, price 50 cents.

---------------->-♦♦♦-<---------------This is a book that cannot fail to prove immensely servi cable to the many thousands who are daily cogitating over the old problem

How to Make a Fortune, or " How to succeed in the world ?" Its 300 pages are filled with instructions, advice, and suggestions, all of which can readily be made available for the much desired end of making money, or securing success in life. To get some idea of what is contained in it

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It gives an answer to the great question, ""What shall I do?" without resorting to that miserable and insulting advice, "Go West!"

It instructs how to choose a profession or trade, and advises parents and young men what to do in this respect.

It instructs concerning money making through a knowledge of business : 1. Theory and practice. 2. General principles and details. 3. Apprenticeships. 4. Division of labor. 5. What a young man should have. 6. The causes of failure. Telling how to succeed and why people fail.

It instructs concerning making money in the ordinary business pursuits. 1. By farming. 2. By manufacturing. 3. In mechanical pursuits. 4. In mercantile pursuits. 5. In the professions. Showing why people succeed in these callings, and why they fail.

It instructs concerning the great requisites to success in money making-what they are and how to succeed : 1 By industry. 2. By -'push." 3. By persevereance. 4. By education. 5. By good judgment. 6. By good address. 7. By politeness. 8. By good habits. 9. By self-reliance. 10. By economy.

It instructs in various ways of getting money rapidly-a knowledge of which, beyond all things else, is most eagerly and universally coveted.

It instructs concerning making fortunes in stock speculations : Showing how the business is done, and what is necessary.

It tells alt about "Puts" and "Calls," "Spreads and Straddles, " what they are, how to work them, and how they are used to gull and gobble up the uninformed.

It instructs concerning obtaining situations and employments.

It instructs concerning obtaining situations and employments open to females alone.

It instructs in the wisdom acquired by past experience in reference to the principles and rules that lead men to success and to fortune.

It gives the principles, maxims, rules, observations, and experiences to which the most successful business men of the world have ascribed their success, and which, having led them to fortune and ease, are also capable of leading others to the like desirable results.

It tells what the rich John Grigg and Stephen Allen recommended, how Rothschild acquired his millions, what Ricardo advices, what a millionaire gives as the way to fortune.

It instructs about taking advantage of the wisdom of others, and making your own rules for grand success in life.

It instructs concerning disreputable pursuits and disreputable courses in respectable callings.

To grow rich by personal effort, or individual enterprise.

It instructs concerning the laws of health and the means of preserving it-concerning air, food, light, gases, warmth, fire, washing, late hours, indulgences, changes, irregularities, digestion, clothing, sleep, ventilation, bathing, exercise, the lungs, recreation, the influence of the passions, telling why people die, and how health is affected by occupations.

It instructs concerning the properties of the various kinds of food, showing what they contain-their nitrogen, their carbon, their phosphorus, their water and waste.

It instructs what food gives muscle and flesh, what gives heat and fat, and what feeds the nerves and the brain.

It instructs how to make use of the numerous facts given for securing, preserving, and promoting the health of body and mind.

It instructs concerning persons who have made large fortunes in what are called "specialities," and how others may "go and do likewise." *

It instructs in various other things which every person who desires to get along well in the world should know, and gives numerous items of information, and many secrets, any one of which is worth incalculably more than the price of the book.


The public are particularly requested to beware of certain worthless small editions, purporting to contain all that our book does. Our book is the only genuine one, and contains twice as much as any other on this subject. Be sure and OBSERVE THE NAME OF THE BOOK and our address. Price * 60 Cents. Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price by

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